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Female Veteran Wants To ‘Teach 1 Million Women To Shoot’

If you’re looking for pro-gun content online, one of the last places you’d look is the Huffington Post. In fact, you probably wouldn’t look there at all. So, it’s pretty surprising to see that HuffPo has published a video featuring a gun instructor who’s on a mission to teach one million women to shoot.

And before you ask – yes, she’s actually presented in a positive light.

Marchelle “Tig” Tigner-Washington is the owner of Trigger Happy Firearm Instruction, which is “dedicated to empowering women through safe firearms education.” According to her bio, Tigner-Washington is a seven-year veteran of the Army National Guard and became a pistol instructor upon leaving the military in 2016. She then started Trigger Happy Firearm Instruction because she “noticed a lack of representation in the gun community.”

It feels necessary to note here that Tigner-Washington is black, and her company appears to be primarily aimed at (no pun intended) black women. And, unfortunately, HuffPo made it a point to focus on race in their video. Watch below.

But liberal race-baiting agenda aside, HuffPo deserves some credit for featuring Tigner-Washington. The two groups that arguably stand to gain the most from the Second Amendment are women and minorities. Yet liberals – who are supposedly the champions of both women and minorities – don’t want them to have guns to defend themselves. Kudos to HuffPo for drawing attention to Tigner-Washington’s mission, even if they did put their own racial spin on it; it’s more than most online liberal strongholds would do.

As for Tigner-Washington herself, she’s far more willing to blur the lines of liberal vs. conservative than HuffPo is:

“There’s these boxes that people put everyone in, and I wish we can kind of do away with them,” she says in the video. “In the textbook definition of a conservative, you’re pro-gun, and then in the textbook definition of a liberal, you’re anti-gun … It’s really tough trying to separate and look at people as just individual people and not, ‘I’m one group or I’m another group.’”

“I try to identify myself as just, ‘Hey, I’m Marchelle, that’s it. I like guns and I’m an instructor.’”

Source: Louder With Crowder

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