It sure stands to reason that if you were plotting ways to prevent Donald Trump from becoming President before the election, then you were likely plotting ways to remove him from the White House after the election.

Such is the case of Peter Strzok, a key player in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s original Russia probe, who had to be ‘reassigned’ after sending anti-Trump text messages to his girlfriend, FBI lawyer Lisa Page.

We learned earlier today that the pair were perfectly willing to engage in pre-teen banter about then-candidate Trump, referring to him as a “douche” and a “f***ing idiot.”

Now, however, another message has surfaced that seems to indicate something far more sinister – FBI officials discussing an “insurance policy” to eliminate Trump from the presidency should he go on to win.

“We can’t take that risk,” Strzok says of the thought that Trump would likely lose the election. “It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.”

McCabe is Andrew McCabe, FBI Deputy Director who recently canceled an appearance before the House Intelligence Committee regarding Strzok. McCabe’s cancellation came as reports of a senior Justice Department official involved in the Russia investigation was revealed to have close ties to the Russian-aligned, Democrat-funded opposition research outfit that put together the phony Trump dossier.

One question remains: Why would the FBI have to take out an “insurance policy” to help prevent a Trump presidency? To be sure, these messages lack context, but this is not a good look for the man who would eventually play a key role in the investigation spearheaded by Robert Mueller.

Gosh, could the “insurance policy” be this entire investigation to begin with? I know liberals will pretend this is tinfoil hat territory, but would anybody be genuinely surprised at this point if Mueller’s team was pursuing every avenue to get Trump removed from office?

Do you think the FBI is enacting their “insurance policy” to take down Trump? Share your thoughts below!

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