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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. LastTaxPayer says:

    No No No, Look AWAY!! Focus on the Trump-Russian Collusion!!! Climate Change………..

  2. Nikola's says:

    A tax avoidance and evasion scheme, a pay-to-play scam, a money laundering operation, a personal and political slush fund, and racketeering influenced corrupt organization disguised as a charity.

  3. stageangel says:

    Can the FBI, known to be in hildabeast’s pocket, even be trusted to be honest about it’s findings?

  4. Gordon says:

    I’ve been following the doings of these miscreants for 30 years and watching them get away with murder year after year to the point where I get physically sick when I see that lying harridan on television. I can honestly say that one the greatest experiences in my life would be to view her closely, behind bars in an orange prison uniform, staring out at me and I at her.
    The same holds for her husband and the 44th president but not as much.

  5. poppDavid says:

    While they are at it, let us hope that they can spend some time investigating Alexander Torshin and his donations to the NRA to fund their Trump donations. Have fun finding ways to ignore Torshin.

  6. Gene says:

    “Embezzlement” is such an ugly word. “Mishandle” is a kinder, gentler word. But why stop there? Why not call it “creative bookkeeping”?

    1. mdic says:

      That’s what the Hildabeast & the Clinton Foundation call it, kind of like saying a housewife is a domestic engineer. Redistribution is the Clinton’s word for embezzlement…

  7. Larry says:

    The Clinton crime family certainly does need to go down, but I refuse to hold my breath waiting to see it. IF I actually see them charged AND convicted, only then will I get excited over it. Only IF. Ovomit too, right along with them. Deport Ovomit back to Kenya!

  8. Rich says:

    There’s a rumor going around that members of the clinton-crime- family, obamba and his Deep State Operative are all looking for a nation that doesn’t extradite to the USA . . . . :)

    1. Susan says:

      1. The clintons transferred 1.4 billion dollars from the clinton foundation to the bank of Qatar. Incidentally Qatar does not have an extradition treaty with the US
      2. obama has been spending a lot of time in the French Polynesian islands and Indonesia. Neither of these countries have extradition treaties with the US.

      They already have it covered.

      1. Susan says:

        Forgot to add, the transfer happened in October 2016.

      2. Douglas says:

        Sorcha Faal is a notorious poster of false information, but the Internet being what it is, such information gets picked up and spread by unwary readers. Previous yarns created by Faal contain headlines such as “Russia Names Hillary Clinton as ‘Murder Suspect’ in Death of Top UFO Researchers.”

    2. mdic says:

      They can ieep on looking but it won’t do much good now that Trump signed the executive order on December 20th allowing him to seize the assets of anyone worldwide that commits “crimes against humanity.” Too late to run now Hildabeast…

    3. June says:

      Just rescind their visas and passports and don’t allow any of them to leave the US – -until and unless they are “cleared” of any wrongdoing and THAT is HIGHLY UNLIKELY!

  9. 1paulsavage says:

    Not gonna hold my breath…

  10. Federal Man says:

    Please do us a favor Bill and Hillary. Just plead guilty to everything you have done and save us taxpayers some money. Along with tens of millions of other Americans, I would love to see you two finally behind bars. Of course, that is if my AG Sessions grows a pair.

    1. mdic says:

      Better yet Bill & Helbilly, just throw yourselves off a building or cliff so we don’t have to waste money trying or incarcerating you. Lol.

  11. Mike says:

    Not millions – but – billions of unaccounted for dollars funneled through the Clinton Trust. As a country we have about a 20 trillion dollar deficit – how much of that money do you think made its way back into the denizens of the swamps pockets? We have an awful lot of so called “representatives” in D.C. that have become very wealthy – how? they don’t make that much legally.

    1. John says:

      Obama before he became POTUS had maxed out his credit card(s). Over his two terms as president he somehow amassed a $12 million nest egg. It’s hard to believe his claims that it is all from his book sales.

  12. Mirek says:

    Thomas, please, it spells Hedge not Hege!

  13. Brian says:

    THE ENTIRE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION WAS THE ABSOLUTE WORST THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO AMERICA AND IT HAS DONE SO MUCH DAMAGE TO AMERICAN CITIZENS, IT MAY BE IRREPARABLE!. Yet, both the Clintons’ as vanguard vermin for the Administration are free as is the vermin In chief when ALL of them including the bought and paid for DNC who tried to rig the 2016 election after the Clinton’s paid off their $24 million dollar debt, should HAVE BEEN INVESTIGATED, CHARGED, INDICTED AND PROSECUTED ON JUST THE AVAILABLE HARD EVIDENCE! However, when corrupt clowns like Eric Holder first and then Loretta Lynch made a mockery of equitable justice and the fact that is STILL ongoing since it has been reported damning documentation has been destroyed by the FBI, it looks more and more as if the only way to drain this swamp is by some sort of 2ND AMERICAN REVOLUTION, So utterly CORRUPT and New World Order oriented is the establishment cabal in Washington, D.C.AGAINST American Citizens in their own country and by their own forever be DAMNED government, it increasingly appears that is the only viable alternative, since they will not DO THEIR JOBS or live up to their duties and obligations to ANY of we who put them in office, ONLY SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS AND FOREIGN FELONS and that based on bribery and illegal voting by those who do not have that right.Draining the Washington Swamp should be the #1 priority as NOTHING else can be resolved UNTIL that is accomplished.period.The proposed Gov’t shutdown is on the democrats as always since they have no Common Sense or do they EVER accept responsibility or accountability for anything, ESPECIALLY THE $20 TRILLION DEBT OF WHICH MOST IS ON their SHOULDERS AND CREATED BY THEIR POLICIES!

  14. Stefan says:

    Just about time. Swamp needs draining.

  15. carolanno says:

    Happy days are here again! :) Buh, bye Crooked Hillary and Bubba! Oh, yeah, orange will look great on both of you.

  16. MikeyParks says:

    Can it be possible that Princess PoopyPants is going down? I can’t wait.

  17. mdic says:

    Political Insider, you really shouldn’t put the Hildabeast’s photo up first thing in the morning like this. I retched up my breakfast & oatmeal is not pretty coming back up! Thanks a bunch…

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