Father of the Year Awarded to… Drum Roll Please…




The Bush family may be the best example of the importance of fatherhood one can find.

Former president George W. Bush spoke fondly of his father, first in a book titled 41: A Portrait of My Father, then in an interview he explained how he was taught priorities from the elder Bush.

via Headline Politics:

Bush replied that his father taught him to set priorities. The first being a “good husband,” the other being a “great father.”

He said 41 “was both, a great husband and a great father.”

And now, with Father’s Day right around the corner, George W. Bush is also being honored for his abilities as a father.

The Associated Press reports:

An emotional former President George W. Bush credited becoming a father with helping him stop drinking, as he was honored Thursday as a “Father of the Year,” just days before Father’s Day.

Bush and two other men were recognized at the 74th Annual Father of the Year Awards luncheon at the New York Hilton hotel. His daughter, Barbara, made the presentation.

The birth of his daughters brought a new priority to his world, Bush said.

“I think the most important priority for a dad is to be a dad. In my case, I might have been slightly self-absorbed at times, but when I became a dad, I only had one real job and that was to provide for these little girls. Was I always successful? I don’t know. They can be the witnesses.”

He said he didn’t think he would have quit drinking if he hadn’t become a father.

Watch Bush comment on how the birth of his daughter helped him quit drinking, and how it taught him unconditional love…

President Bush also flashed his trademark sense of humor upon accepting the award.

When quoting from his book, Bush quipped “It may be a little confusing to some up here that not only can I read, I can write.”

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