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Farmer Plows ‘We Stand for the National Anthem’ Into Field

The ongoing debate over standing for the National Anthem before NFL games didn’t relent this week. First, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell sent a letter to players earlier this week, urging them to stand for the National Anthem. But now the NFL is saying his comments were misconstrued, and that players maintain the right to kneel.

We won’t know what to believe until this Sunday. In the meantime, plenty of patriotic Americans are speaking out, lambasting the League for equivocating on the issue of paying respect to our country.

One farmer took his disagreement one step further. He got on his tractor and plowed a message for everyone to see from above.

Take a look:

Now that’s what I call sending a message!

From Fox News: “The 77-year-old Midwesterner plowed that phrase into his bean crops – a massive message spanning the length of two football fields – in response to the controversial protest undertaken by some NFL players who’ve begun kneeling during the playing of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner.'”

The farmer, Gene Hanson of Edgeley, North Dakota, told the network, “I go with [President] Trump on this one. If you want to protest, that’s not the place to do it.”

He’s right. We all respect the right of free speech. But there’s a time to exercise speech and a time to be respectful. Players can protest, but they can’t expect us to hold our mouths and not respond. After all, free speech goes both ways.

This isn’t the first time Hanson has used his field to speak out about political issues. As a Republican and Trump supporter, he has a habit of plowing conservative messages into his field.

What do you think about this farmer’s message? Do you agree? Do you love how he used his field to promote his own free speech? Share this incredible image on Facebook now!