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Liberals Outraged Over Obviously Satirical Alexandria Cortez Interview

In the world of satire, there’s a concept known as “Poe’s Law,” which describes satire so accurate that it’s indistinguishable from what it’s mocking. Little did CRTV’s Allie Stuckey know she could (accidentally) accomplish such a feat.

After the new liberal darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez bombed an interview on PBS’ “The Firing Line” with Margaret Hoover, Stuckey threw together a satirical “mock interview” using clips from the “Firing Line” episode. In the video, Stuckley asks a fictitious Cortez a number of questions, with Cortez’s responses being cut from the Firing Line interview. Cortez’s “responses” are humorously bad, and Stuckey never intended for anyone to take the video seriously.

The video was funny, and it’s obvious to everyone in their right mind watching it that it’s a piece of satire. But little did Stuckey know that the interview looked real…. to liberals! Apparently, under the impression that the video you’re about to watch could actually be considered real, liberals have fired back that it’s “fake news” aimed to “discredit Cortez.”

You can watch the obviously satirical video below:

But thanks to our journalists and pundits on the left, they’ve confirmed for the rest of us that the video above is indeed satire (just wait until next week, when they confirm that two plus two does indeed equal four!).

Sharia-law enthusiast Linda Sarsour had the following comment:

And Cortez herself weighed in, citing this as evidence that Republicans are so scared of her that they’re faking videos. By that logic, I guess everyone on Saturday Night Live fears Trump.

BuzzFeed also provided an unnecessary debunking of the video’s quality, I suppose because they were all out of listicles to write for the day.


Of course, anyone who saw the real Cortez interview that this Stuckley satire is taking clips from knows that the “real” interview wasn’t much better. At one point, Cortez claimed that the unemployment rate was only as low as it is because “everyone is working two jobs.”

Not only is the percentage of Americans working 2 jobs at the lowest point in American history, having more than one job has no effect on the unemployment rate (because a person’s employment status is binary. They’re either employed or they’re not). She also made a number of anti-Israel comments before admitting she doesn’t know anything about the Middle East.

Refreshingly, most did understand that the video was satire.

Eventually, Stuckley responded directly to Cortez with a clarification she wouldn’t have to make in a sane world.

Hopefully, Cortez and her ilk don’t go anywhere soon. In actively promoting her, it’s evident that Democrats haven’t gotten tired of losing elections just yet.