Exclusive Interview – Trump Comms Director: Why Trump, ‘Average Joe’ America Will Win Tonight

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In an interview with The Political Insider’s Brett Smith, Trump campaign Communications Director Erin Perrine laid out why President Trump – and by extension the ‘Average Joe’ American – will emerge victorious in the 2020 election. 

Perrine relayed that President Trump and the rest of the team are confident in victory. 

The entire video is below.

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How Trump Will Cruise To Victory

If the President pulls out a victory – in an election in which the mainstream media has all but guaranteed victory for Biden – it will be no accident. 

Perrine noted that the Democrats have relied on early votes, but not necessarily more voters. 

“While Democrats, in a lot of these states like Pennsylvania and Michigan, banked their votes early, they didn’t bring more voters into the fold.”

Perrine says that makes the Democrat vote totals rather static – so Team Trump has focused on a huge surge of more voters today. 

“We know where the numbers need to be to pull this out for President Trump,” she said. 

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Trump’s Epic Nationwide Campaign Barnstorm

Also no accident is the fact that the President is a machine. 

Asked about how many events he has done in just the last few days, Perrine counted them up. 

“He had four events on Saturday in Pennsylvania alone, he had five events on Sunday, and five events on Monday. I was with him in the wee hours of this Election Day morning in Grand Rapids, Michigan.”

“You see the President everywhere. He’s not slowing down. He’s not taking any votes for granted, and that’s a stark contrast to Joe Biden. … Joe Biden’s barely out there at all.”

All this, Brett Smith reminded, just about a month after beating COVID in a weekend. 

“The only thing that’s worn out a little bit is his voice from making five rally speeches yesterday, but other than that, he’s full of energy,” Perrine explained. 

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56% Say They’re Better Off Now Than Four Years Ago

Asked about the now-famous “better off” poll, which showed that 56% of Americans believe they are better off today than they were four years ago under Obama/Biden, Perrine said that’s no accident either.

“Americans can see with their own eyes what President Trump has been able to do. And while the media and Big Tech try and lie about what this President has done, the American people say, ‘you know what? My paycheck is bigger. I’ve got a more secure job. The stock market’s doing well. Our nation is safer. We have a beautiful big military that can defend us if need be, we have a stronger southern border.”

Perrine argues that, despite a historically antagonistic media, the average Joe can see their lives have improved. 

In other words, according to Brett Smith, “As Churchill said, only results count.” 

It’s Middle America Vs. The Coastal Elites

Perrine addressed the donor patterns of the 2020 election – which show that Trump’s biggest supporters are average Joes, and Biden’s are those who consider themselves the ‘elite’ of our society.

While the media has done their best to portray Trump as the candidate of the rich and the elite, the opposite is true.

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To wit, Perrine says, “They see a billionaire in Donald Trump, they see a huge success and the life that the President has built for himself as an entrepreneur.”

“Not only does President Trump represent the working men and women, because he knows what a good deal looks like. He knows what a good trade deal should look like. He knows what it looks like to sign the front of a paycheck.”

“The fact is, he has expanded the Republican Party in a way that has never been done before. More black voters are coming into the fold. More Latino voters are coming into the fold. Why? Because Democrats paid lip service, while President Trump brought the results.”

She went on, “President Trump doesn’t care if you’re a Republican or a Democrat, if you’ve never voted or if you vote every chance you can get. He cares about the American people. And the people see that.”

The Big Reveal: Why Trump Dances To YMCA At His Rallies

Perrine revealed the answer to one big question Trump’s fans have been wondering for weeks: 

Why does the President always dance to the hit song “YMCA” at all of his rallies? 

Everyone has seen it – here’s an example:

According to Perrine, President Trump picks the playlist for all of his rallies. 

“That was his choice for a walk-off song. He was just in a good mood and feeling the music. The crowd loved it, and now it’s become the signature of a President Trump event!

“Have you ever seen a President, or a candidate, have as much fun as President Donald Trump? … He wants to have a good time.”

“He loves what he does. He loves being the President, he loves fighting for the American people, and he still doesn’t take himself too seriously.”

“He’s still a normal guy, through it all.”

WATCH the entire interview here: 

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