After rampaging through First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, a lone gunman prepared to shoot and kill yet another innocent victim – until local hero Stephen Willeford stepped in to stop the carnage.

It’s impossible to say how many lives Willeford saved that day, but one thing is certain according to reports, he saved the life of Farida Brown, the shooter’s next target.

As she held the hand of the person lying next to her who had been shot four times, Brown realized the killer was looking at her next.


“She thought that it was her turn,” David Brown, her son, told The Washington Post. “She just started praying.”

Prayers were answered in the form of a neighbor and former NRA instructor, Stephen Willeford, who had grabbed his own rifle and ran out of the house barefoot upon hearing of the shooting.

“Willeford hit Kelley at least once, authorities said,” according to the Post report. “Kelley then dropped his rifle, jumped in his Ford Expedition SUV and fled.”


Brown had survived. Willeford had struck him in the leg and torso with his own shots, providing just enough of a distraction for Brown to live, and enough of a threat to force the shooter to flee the scene.


“He saw me, and I saw him,” Willeford explained. He regretted deeply that he was unable to get to the church sooner, but it should not diminish the number of lives he saved – a good guy with a gun – including the life of Farida Brown.

Eventually the killer crashed his SUV and succumbed to a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

If it wasn’t for Willeford, even that last bullet could have taken the life of another innocent person.

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