Far-left comedian Chelsea Handler has made no secret of her dislike for President Donald J. Trump. Handler has gone so far as to suggest the president has an STD, and now she has her sights set on attacking Trump’s children.

Last month, Handler took to Twitter to mock the wonderful announcement that Eric and Laura Trump were expecting their first child:

Handler is so unintelligent that she misspelled the word genes, calling them “jeans” while attacking Eric Trump, but desperately tried to cover up her mistake:

Rather than stoop to Chelsea’s level, Eric Trump showed some real class when responding to the liberal’s attack on he and Laura’s baby.

Speaking with Dr. Oz, Trump called Handler’s comments “sad” that “society’s gotten to the point where something as beautiful as this and life and babies and innocence … really gets taken down like that because of politics. I mean, that’s how divided we’ve become as a nation … It’s really, really sad. This is a very special thing and it should be celebrated. When someone spells genes incorrectly, you kind of have to turn your head and ignore it a little.”

From Page Six:

Eric says he’s fine being in the public eye, but “Where I find it harder is when I see my little brother, you know, Barron, or when I see Tiffany, who’s kind of just coming into her own … it’s a little bit tough when you see young children getting hit every single day by grown-ups.”

He adds, “There’s supposed to be an unwritten rule and, unfortunately, it’s just not being followed.”

Kudos to Eric Trump for responding with class and not allowing Chelsea Handler’s vicious attack on his family to get to him. Rather than respond in kind, Trump took the high road, and said any baby should be celebrated, regardless of political party, and nothing could be further from the truth.

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