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Eric Holder in Denial Over Trump-Russia Exoneration

Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee confirmed on Monday what anyone paying attention to the news for two years has already concluded: there was “no evidence of collusion, coordination or conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russians.”

Trump was quick to declare victory on Twitter:

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Democrats most intent on clinging to their discredited narrative, however, were quick to fire back. Adam Schiff accused the GOP of shutting down the House Intel investigation and “leaving questions unanswered.” Earlier this month, during an appearance on The View, Schiff admitted that there still wasn’t evidence of Russian collusion.

Former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder wasn’t pleased either, complaining that “this is a coverup and a lasting stain on the reputation of what used to be a bipartisan Committee.”

Remember, Holder is the only attorney general to have been ever held in contempt of Congress.

Meanwhile, the media’s coverage of Trump’s exoneration hasn’t been as delusional as Schiff and Holder, but rather non-existent. For a media that spent years covering the “Trump/Russia” story endlessly, there wasn’t coverage that their narrative of collusion had collapsed, though I can’t blame them.

Fox News saw fit to mock the rest of the media. According to the Daily Caller,

The hosts of “Fox & Friends” scolded the mainstream media for their coverage of the Russia investigation Tuesday and accused the networks are failing to report the facts.

“How many times have you tuned in to one of the big nightly newscasts and they’ve talked about Russia, Russia, Russia. Trump was in bed with the Russians about this and that. Many, many times. and, yet, when the news breaks that the Republicans on the House Intel Committee have found there was no collusion, less than one minute on the big three, which is extraordinary,” host Steve Doocy said.

“NBC … had zero coverage of this. And yet, they did have time to feature a power ball winner and they were able to talk about Warren Buffet’s March Madness bracket,” Doocy continued. “But they did not tell the viewers of NBC last night on the Lester Holt show that according to House intel, this first phase, there is no collusion.”

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