Juliegrace Brufke on June 26, 2017

Fox News host Eric Bolling said he’s talked to President Donald Trump about how to best go about “draining the swamp” — one of Trump’s top campaign promises and the central topic of the cable-news star’s latest book.

Bolling, a long-time friend of the president, said he’s long been a supporter of putting a businessman in the White House versus a career politician, but hearing Trump’s now-famous campaign slogan resonate with the American people solidified his hunch he was the right man for the job.

“He’s [Trump] really had some sort of visceral connection to the people with this line ‘drain the swamp’ because that’s what he’s about,” he told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “To go to D.C. and do things differently and get rid of the swamp creatures and drain the swamp of excess government, people — swamp creatures — who basically steal, rob and corrupt themselves into more money at our expense.”

Bolling said the messaging inspired him to further research corruption in Washington, D.C. and he was struck by what he found.

“I wanted to figure out how big swamp was and how deep the swamp was and how murky it was, and so I started doing some research and it was amazing how many stories of, you know, not just criminal activity, but unethical activity — the corruption and backroom dealings that were going on,” he said. “So, you know, it became the right project, and it continued to write.”

While critics of Trump have blasted the administration for not doing enough to eliminate corruption, Bolling said he thinks the improvements seen in the economy are reflective of Trump’s decision to roll back the policies the previous administration put in place.

“What he’s done so far is, the minute he was sworn in, he started to roll back regulation. I mean, Obama regulations, executive order after executive order, were unwound,” he said. “And what I think that did is, it really unleashed the power, the spirit and light. And if you look, here we are five-and-a-half, almost six, months into his presidency, and we have record highs every day in the stock market.”

Bolling said the president has read his book, and he’s had several discussions with him about how to best go about fighting corruption.

“You know one of the things – I talked to [him] about term limits. I have talked to him about the lobbying and issues like that, and I think he’s on the same page as those,” he said. “It just takes a while. Those are bigger ticket items are going to take some time.”

He said while numerous people have encouraged Trump to stop tweeting, he has encouraged him to continue.

“I want to see that man telling us what’s on his mind every day — you know, out blasting it out to 110 million people every time he tweets something or puts something on social media because it will give you good insight as to if he’s changing or not,” Bolling said. “I’m in massive favor of him tweeting on a daily basis, and tweeting more rather than less. I love the transparency.”

The television personality and New York Times best-selling author said he’s disappointed in the number of politicians that ran as conservatives but haven’t lived up to their promises. The state of politics has sparked his interest in potentially running for office himself.

“There are a couple of senators, that will remain unnamed at this moment, who will be up for election in the next few years, who ran as conservatives and have been anything but conservative, and I think they should be keeping their eye open,” he told TheDCNF, adding he’s currently fully committed to hosting “The Fox News Specialists.”

The Swamp: Washington’s Murky Pool of Corruption and Cronyism and How Trump Can Drain It,” is set to come out Tuesday.

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