Elon Musk Tells Tucker Carlson the US Government Had ‘Full Access’ to Americans’ Twitter Accounts, Private Messages

Twitter chief Elon Musk made the startling claim that the United States government had "full access" to social media users' private direct messages (DMs).
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Twitter chief Elon Musk made the startling claim that the United States government had “full access” to social media users’ accounts, even including their private direct messages (DMs).

If true, this marks a new level of government spying on their own citizens and should be a wake-up call to Americans who value some level of privacy and freedom in a country that boasts of having both, in addition to having a Fourth Amendment.

Musk made the bombshell accusations in a new interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson – set to air early this week.

A preview clip shared by Carlson shows that the revelation that the federal government had access to DMs was shocking to Musk.

“The degree to which government agencies effectively had full access to everything that was going on on Twitter blew my mind,” he said.

“Would that include people’s DMs?” Carlson asked referring to private messages, to which Musk replied, “Yes.”

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The Government Had Access to Private DMs

Perhaps a naive take, but there are likely many Americans out there who believed they could send private messages (DMs) to people without the Big Brother federal government looking over their shoulders.

If Musk, who has provided insight into the government’s access to Twitter under previous ownership through his ‘Twitter Files’ releases, is right, then this marks an extreme level of obtrusive interference in the private lives of the American people, as well as a direct violation of their Fourth Amendment constitutional rights.

Would it be a stretch to think they aren’t also looking into your private text messages? What photos have you sent to friends and family in your DMs or messages? Is the federal government looking at those as well?

Remarkably, Musk’s assertion that the feds are looking at your DMs and have been for years comes as the Biden administration is currently pushing to expand how it “monitors” social media sites and chatrooms.

The latest push comes following a leak of classified Pentagon documents that have exposed the White House narrative regarding the war in Ukraine as disinformation.

How much more closely than viewing DMs can they possibly get in expanding their monitoring of social media and chatrooms?

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Actual Threats to Our Democracy

Elon Musk this past February exposed a little-known State Department agency – the Global Engagement Center (GEC) – as a leading source of federal censorship efforts in the United States and “a threat to our democracy.”

Prior to announcing his ‘Twitter Files’ document dumps, a series of eye-opening revelations about collusion between the federal government and Twitter’s prior regime, Musk declared the transparency in revealing what was going on behind the scenes was a “battle for the future of civilization.”

Certain releases through Musk and various journalists who had access to the company’s internal files have shown how the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) paid Twitter and colluded with the platform to suppress “Russian disinformation” – the Hunter Biden laptop scandal – while others showed how the Big Tech company controlled the narrative on COVID.

Former President Donald Trump has praised Musk for doing the country “a big service” by exposing the federal government’s censorship and privacy violations and called the visionary billionaire a free speech “hero.”

Musk’s interview with Carlson is set to air in segments on Monday and Tuesday.

If the allegations that the government was spying on your DMs are just the teaser, what other bombshells will be revealed when he speaks to the Fox News host?

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