Elizabeth Warren Tweets Out Support of New England Patriots

elizabeth warren patriots

Super Bowl 52 is over and in the books. And for fans of the New England Patriots, things didn’t go exactly as planned.

The Patriots were the first NFL team to ever rack up 600 yards and still, ultimately, lose the game.

Tom Brady and the Patriots’ formidable offense were not enough to fell the Philadelphia Eagles, who beat out the five-time Super Bowl champions in a stunning 41-33 victory.

From now until the end of time, commentators, fans, and casual onlookers will debate how the Patriots lost such a crucial game. Some will argue that the refs handed the Eagles a bunch of breaks, such as the following touchdown pass to rookie Corey Clement:

Others will say that fancy, failed plays by the Patriots were what caused their loss:

I have another theory. The real reason the Pats lost what would have been their sixth Lombardi Trophy was because of this monstrosity:


Elizabeth Warren, the outspoken liberal senator from Massachusetts, must have thought she was connecting deeply with her constituents by boosting the Patriots. But, last I checked, Warren claimed to a be Native American. Doesn’t that mean she should hate a team representing the kind of people who kicked her ancestors off their native land?

People on Twitter didn’t let Warren get away with her affected Patriots love.

Thanks a whole lot for nothing, Warren. Hopefully voters will recognize that you helped tank the Patriots’ chances for another Super Bowl victory.

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