Drunk Driving Democrat Candidate: ‘I Hate This County’

Drunk driving democrat hates county

A Democrat House candidate was captured revealing his hatred for the county he wants to represent.

The candidate, Steven Lamar Foster, was a longshot, to begin with, as he’s running in a conservative Georgia district. After the release of the footage of his drunk driving arrest (which took place last September) and subsequent convictions, his odds have shrunk from nil to zero.

“Eleven years I served this county,” Foster told police in the dash-cam video. “I hate this county. I prayed to God that he would curse it. And guess what? He did. Man, I saw it hit and cursed, and I saw people laid off right and left — white people. I hate this county …” Foster agreed to a breathalyzer test and registered a reading of .103, above the legal limit of .08.

“I hope you got s—loads of audio because I want a copy of it on a FOIA,” Foster said to the officers. “You know what that is? That’s a Freedom of Information Act.” Ironically it was the local equivalent of a FOIA, an open records request to the Dalton Police Department, that led to the audio being made public. Foster also bragged about prior arrests while being cuffed. “It’s all right, I’ve been in jail in six damn countries and the state of Mississippi.”

“It’s all right, they can’t help it,” Foster said as he’s entering the police car. “They’re not going to arrest no Hispanics. They are not going to arrest somebody that is a damn Arab. They are not going to do that because guess what … (officer slams door).”

This is hardly his first run-in with the law.

According to AJC.com, “Foster has been investigated by the U.S. Army on allegations he stole surplus military boats to deliver humanitarian aid. Honduran police charged four of his charitable group’s employees with cocaine trafficking. And he has been stripped of his Georgia medical license and slapped with hundreds of thousands of dollars in local, state and federal tax liens. He now owns the site of an “adults only, clothing-optional lifestyle retreat” in North Georgia.”

What a candidate!

Foster was found guilty of drunk driving by a jury last week, pertaining to that arrest. He’ll be sentenced next Tuesday – which could keep him off the campaign trail for a while.

While Foster only confessed hatred for his county, the Left has had no trouble expressing hatred for the country as a whole in recent years. Just last year it was revealed that Barack Obama wrote in an unpublished essay that says America is a “racist society” which pushes an ideology that infects the minds of whites and blacks. And whenever someone makes an anti-American comment in the media or in public, is it ever a conservative?

A handful of recent examples come to mind; whether it be the woman who recently climbed the Statue of Liberty to protest Trump and screamed anti-American chants during her first public appearance, the NFL players kneeling in protest of our “oppressive” nation that pays them tens of millions of dollars, or the scores of left-wing journalists who refused to stand for the National Anthem during the Democrat primary debates in 2015.

When’s the last time a Republican expressed hatred for their own country?

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