Could Donald Trump Pardon Sheriff Joe?

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, has long been a hero to conservatives and proponents of border security.

He doesn’t believe in political correctness – he believes in enforcing the law and protecting Americans from crime and illegal immigration. His tough-on-crime stance has made him a frequent target of liberals and the Obama administration.

For example, he’s famous for making criminals wear pink underwear and pink handcuffs, and he brought back chain gangs (though on a volunteer basis.)

Recently, the Obama administration went after Sheriff Joe hard, charging him with contempt of court for “targeting Latinos in traffic stops.” The legal harassment was enough to sink his re-election campaign for Sheriff of Maricopa County for the first time since 1993.

But influential legal blog Law Newz has a theory that could have conservatives cheering! Check this out:

President-elect President Donald Trump may soon receive his first presidential pardon request from an incendiary Arizona sheriff facing criminal charges for targeting Latinos for illegal arrests and deportations in violation of a court order.

No pardon application has been submitted yet by Trump loyalist and outgoing Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who says he is innocent of the federal charge of contempt of court, but Arpaio succeeded in postponing his upcoming Phoenix trial, which was set to begin Dec. 6, until April 4, 2017. The sheriff’s trial is now well after President-elect Trump takes office on Jan. 20,  giving him plenty of time to submit a possible pardon request.

This would be incredible! While Obama is busy pardoning criminals like hardcore drug dealers, Law Newz thinks Trump’s first pardon could be for a hero Sheriff who stood up to the Obama administration’s open borders scheme.

Even though Arpaio hasn’t been convicted, the President can pardon individuals who weren’t even charged yet. That’s why so many people are talking about Obama possibly pardoning Hillary Clinton before he leaves office.

It’s yet to be seen what will happen, but a pardon for Sheriff Joe would be a huge win for Trump’s pro-border security supporters.

What do you think? Will Trump pardon Sheriff Joe?

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