Donald Trump Jr. Shared a Photo from the Beach – Liberals Are Angry About Fishing


Here’s a video from Trump’s trip:

It’s clear that Donald Trump Jr., who took over his family’s various real estate businesses, is now among the most high-profile businessmen in America. But he also loves his five children, and took them on a trip to a beach in Florida.

They had fun playing on the beach and fishing. But liberals were not happy when Trump Jr. shared his love of fishing on social media. Here’s a shot of his latest catch: a blackhead shark!

Trump Jr. made it clear that he believes in “catch and release,” which means this shark was returned back to the ocean. But of course, angry liberals still found reason to share insults on Facebook.

This is outrageous:

Others were “disgusted” that Trump Jr. and his family receive Secret Service protection during vacations. As Debra Ritko responded, “The people on here that are complaining about the cost of secret service for this trip they’re taking, are stupid. Do you expect them to sit in their homes? To not have a life with their kids? It’s required that they have secret service protection. It’s not a choice.”

Others came to his defense. One man commented, “Breaking news : Donald trump jr [sic] murders a shark. Tune in tonight at 8 on CNN for the full story.”

Another person added, “Great day indeed !!! (DISCLAIMER )–no dolphins, tuna or democrats were injured during the acquisition of this shark.”

Clearly Trump Jr. makes sure to spend quality time with his family when he’s not running the business. What a great dad!

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