Donald Trump Jr. Savages Fetterman After Disastrous Debate, Then Rips His Furious Fans

Donald Trump Jr. Makes Leftists' Heads Explode After Comments On Disastrous Fetterman Debate
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It is the one debate this election cycle that will have the nation talking, and not in a good way. Tuesday night, Pennsylvania Senate candidates John Fetterman and Dr. Mehmet Oz squared off in their one and only debate.

Let’s just say that things did not go well at all. Fetterman, who suffered a stroke just days before the Pennsylvania Democrat primary in May, is clearly still recovering, and no one, regardless of political stripe, should wish anything but good health and a speedy recovery for him.

That being said, Tuesday night was a disaster, even by the left’s standards. The Fetterman campaign tried to do pre-damage control, putting out a statement that viewers should expect “awkward pauses” and other communication “errors.”

It didn’t help.

People who watched took to social media to talk about what they saw. One of them was Donald Trump Jr. 

It was evident pretty early on that John Fetterman is clearly not up to the job, and Don Jr. pointed that out. Let’s just say, liberals were not pleased.

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Off The Rails

Don Jr. proceeded to point out what anyone watching was seeing with their own eyes, and he did not mince words. But Democrats went into full blown “see no evil, hear no evil” mode, and did their best to convince viewers that they were not really seeing what they were really seeing. 

As Fetterman gave his position on fracking, giving a classic John Kerry “I was for it before I was against it” answer, Don Jr, said what most were thinking:

The fact that Fetterman, who, as Dr. Oz rightly pointed out had been financially supported by his parents and bought his house from his sister for a dollar, would be yapping to the rest of us about the dignity of hard work wasn’t overlooked.

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But The Best Part, Lefty Outrage

After the debate mercilessly ended, local Pittsburgh NBC affiliate WXPI ran a poll on who won the debate. It was no contest. Oz ran away with 82% of the vote, Fetterman got 18%.

That’s when Don Jr. left Fetterman bleeding on the canvas and went after Democrat voters.

But that’s not what sent already demoralized lefties over the edge. It was this last message just for them from Don Jr. that really shined them on:

Of course for the left, this meant open season on President Trump – who is obviously not running for Senate in Pennsylvania.

Those “tolerant” leftists also decided to attack an unrelated black candidate.

Finally, someone decided it was time to say what it is that the entirety of the left operates on.

If an Oz/Fetterman debate makes lefties come this unglued at the thought of someone named Trump actually having freedom of speech, imagine how much fun we will have on election night.

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