Dolce And Gabbana Respond to Melania Trump Haters With Hilarious T-Shirt

World famous designers Dolce & Gabbana went on the offensive recently, producing a line of t-shirts mocking those who started a boycott of the clothing icons for their support of Melania Trump.

Indeed, while many designers have cowered in fear of liberal activists who despise the First Lady, Dolce & Gabbana have consistently stood by her.

Now, they’ve gone one step further, designing t-shirts that actively mock the liberal snowflakes who wanted a boycott because they dared to dress Mrs. Trump. The t-shirts feature a hashtag with the word ‘boycott.’

And they’re making a hell of a profit off of it – selling the shirts for a whopping $245.

This is about as close as you can come to poking a thumb in the liberal haters’ eyes without actually doing it.

Via People:

Dolce & Gabbana is addressing their haters.

The luxury Italian clothing brand has launched a campaign directed at the people who disagree with their decision to dress First Lady Melania Trump.

The white T-shirts feature the company’s name, along with a large “#Boycott” and a red heart. They retail at $245.

Stefano Gabbana, who has not shied away from dressing Trump or addressing his critics for doing so, posted a video on his Instagram page Monday, writing, “All the lovers and all the #HATERS Reliving #boycottdolcegabbana.”

Comments of course, ranged from liberal haters to those who appreciate a company not caving into threats from the left.

“This is so desperate,” complains one viewer.

“Love it that you don’t fold under pressure,” reads another response.

Gabbana has been a big supporter of Melania Trump, thanking her for rocking their clothing in her official White House portrait.

At one point, Stefano Gabbana told his detractors that they can “go to hell” if they don’t like the fact he is designing for the First Lady.

These new t-shirts are pretty much sending that very same message.

What do you think of the new Dolce & Gabbana t-shirts? Share your thoughts below!

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