While the FBI has managed to leak unverified information left and right on the Trump campaign and administration, they have stood firm in protecting one file in particular regarding the Clinton campaign.

The document itself consists of unverified accounts from Russian informants that, according to Paul Sperry of Real Clear Investigations, “allegedly implicates the Hillary Clinton campaign and (former Attorney General Loretta) Lynch in a secret deal to fix the Clinton email investigation.”

Remarkably, even members of Congress with top-secret security clearance have been unable to get their eyes on the file, which calls various sources indicating the former head of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, specifically revealed the campaign and Lynch made a concerted effort to rig the investigation.

That’s a great question.

Judicial Watch president, Tom Fitton, is equally as bemused.

“It is remarkable how this Justice Department is protecting the corruption of the Obama Justice Department,” he said.

The corruption has been clear, but the following statement about the contents of the document should result in a complete reexamination of the entire Clinton email scandal.

“One of the intercepted documents revealed an alleged email from then-DNC Chairwoman Wasserman Schultz … ” Sperry writes. “It claimed Lynch had assured the Clinton campaign that investigators and prosecutors would go easy on the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee regarding her use of a private email server while serving as secretary of state.”

It was rigged.

And the cover-up continues to this day.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz confirmed the secrecy of the file during congressional testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“The information was classified at such a high level by the intelligence community that it limited even the members [of Congress] who can see it, as well as the staffs,” Horowitz explained.

For her part, Lynch has never been questioned under oath about the allegations lying within the document, but commented in a July 2016 session in front of the House Judiciary Committee that “I have not spoken to anyone on either the [Clinton] campaign or transition or any staff members affiliated with them.”

This file may hold the key in determining if that statement is true or false.

The material, regardless of its authenticity, “appears to have influenced former FBI Director James B. Comey’s decision to break with bureau protocols because he didn’t trust Lynch,” Sperry claims.

If true, however, “it would appear to be strong evidence that the Obama administration put partisan political considerations ahead of its duty to enforce the law.”

Judge Andrew Napolitano has previously stated if emails exist between Lynch and Wasserman Schultz discussing the Hillary Clinton email investigation, the former attorney general could be facing 5 to 10 years in prison. (RELATED: Judge Claims Loretta Lynch Could Get 5-10 Years in Jail).

Jeff Sessions should order his DOJ to turn over all documents related to Lynch’s handling of the Clinton investigation. The DOJ’s refusal to cooperate shows just how much the deep state is invested in covering up the Obama administration’s questionable activities.