Dobbs: Obama Is ‘Out of Control’

During a discussion about executive amnesty, Fox News analyst Lou Dobbs ripped Barack Obama for acting like an “imperial President” and claimed the President was “out of control.”

Dobbs would also add that President Obama “needs to be visiting the psychiatrist.”

Via the Daily Caller:

“The reality is we’ve got a president who’s the one who needs to be visiting the psychiatrist, not the Republican leadership,” Dobbs said, referencing Charles Krauthammer’s comments about Republicans needing psychiatric help. “But this president is out of control.”

“He is taking the imperial presidency to levels and to depths not imagined,” he said. “This is an imperial presidency that now borders on authoritarianism. And the Republicans have in my judgment a manifest political incentive as well as a constitutional responsibility to put in place limits for this president, and they must be set soon.”

Watch the segment below …


Is Lou Dobbs right?  Is President Obama out of control and in need of psychiatric help?


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