The Democratic National Committee is a sinking ship, and even their top donors are aware.

The DNC’s current chair Tom Perez has found himself under fire for his poor management of the DNC – which has failed to bring in a substantive amount of donations and has racked up millions in debt under his watch. At the beginning of the year, the DNC’s CEO Jess O’Donnell jumped ship after taking over less than a year prior, which is hardly a sign of confidence in the organization’s direction.

Anyone that’s followed The Political Insider over the past year knows that the RNC has been absolutely crushing the DNC when it comes to fundraising in the Trump era. In July (the last month there’s data available for) the RNC raised $14.2 million in July (the most raised in a non-presidential year). That brings their total fundraising for this midterm cycle to $227.2 million. Democrats have raised less than half as much ($116 million). For some comparison to prior midterm cycles, the DNC’s current levels of fundraising are 9 million less than at this point in 2014, and over $30 million less than it had taken in at this point in 2010. Democrats were crushed in the House and Senate in both midterms.

With electoral losses mounting, the DNC’s biggest donors are wondering how much bang they can possibly be getting for their buck.

According to McClatchy DC, “The Democratic National Committee — the party’s signature organization — has posted its worst midterm fundraising totals in more than a decade. After 2016’s defeat of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton by Donald Trump, many of the group’s most consistent donors are putting their money elsewhere. A McClatchy analysis found that more than 200 donors who had given more than $1,000 to the DNC in each of the past two midterm elections have failed to pony up any cash to the DNC this time around, despite continuing to support other Democratic groups and candidates.”

This will significantly hamper the DNC’s ability to provide support during the midterms – and in the 2020 presidential election, where they’ll play a greater role.

For as much as the media has played up the size of the anti-Trump “resistance,” it can’t possibly be as large as they think. After all, the silent majority is more than doubling their fundraising efforts, and in a media landscape where over 90% of the Trump coverage is negative. Can you imagine just how badly Democrats would be losing if we had an honest media?

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