Dina Powell to Leave the Trump Administration

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A huge Friday afternoon announcement just dropped. Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategy Dina Powell will be leaving the White House starting early next year.

Axios’ Mike Allen has the full scoop: “Dina Powell, deputy national security adviser for strategy, announced she will leave the White House early next year — the first in an expected wave of senior West Wing departures. Axios has learned that her likely successor is Dr. Nadia Schadlow, who currently works on strategy on the staff of National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster.”

Allen points out that this is a significant departure because Powell had “previous White House experience.”

President Trump was elected mainly because he was a political outsider. His administration has reflected his outsider status, with staffers who weren’t already engulfed in the mucky D.C. swamp.

Powell was different. She brought experience to her role that many staffers lacked. As Allen writes, “The administration has always been thinly staffed, and bringing top people in will be hard, in part because of uncertainty surrounding the Mueller investigation.”

Before joining the Trump Administration, Powell had told the president that she planned to only serve one year.

It was rumored earlier this year that Powell may have been one of the leaks within the Trump Administration who was feeding the media with negative information about the president. Those rumors were never confirmed in the end.

This won’t be the only resignation we see from the West Wing over the next few months. During the first year of any administration, staff turnover happens, as advisors and counselors get used to their positions.

We can only hope that outgoing staffers are replaced by men and women firmly dedicated to President Trump’s goal of making America great again. The American people are counting on the Trump Administration to deliver for them.

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