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House Intel Chair Devin Nunes Accused DOJ of Withholding Documents

OK. There are times when we look into the abyss and there are other times when we feel oblivion is on the horizon, and I tend to sway toward the latter in this article.

Anytime you get a Republican-led House of Representatives calling a Republican-led DOJ liars and accusing them of obstructing justice, something is coming down the pike and the outcome won’t be peachy.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes is someone I actually trust when it comes to investigating certain issues. I don’t feel like he has been compromised as so many others have. And now he’s making waves as Congress goes back on the clock after the Christmas holiday.

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Nunes is not happy that the DOJ oddly claimed they possessed no documents relevant to the fake Trump dossier. Yet, when they were pressured, the Department came up with some.

Source: Washington Times

The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence has expanded its 2016 election investigation from a starting point of Russian interference to an end-game that focuses on federal law enforcement and how it conducted a drive to snare President Trump and his people.

Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, California Republican, is accusing the Justice Department and the FBI of misleading him in “a pattern of behavior that can no longer be tolerated.” He charges that Justice claimed it possesses no documents related to the infamous Trump dossier, then, under pressure, produced “numerous” such papers.

Republicans in the first half of 2018 are likely to wind down the starting-point inquiry into Russian hacking of Democrats and whether Trump aides helped.

Nunes is a very courageous man – a rare commodity, indeed, in the “Swamp.” He is one the very few in Washington who is willing to stick his neck out despite being attacked by everyone, including members of his own party.

He saw a “rat” early and let everyone know about it and got shut up for his efforts. He is now going head-to-head with the deep state (the ‘dossier’ manufactured to extract a FISA warrant from the FISA court) with very little support. I can’t understand how Devin Nunes has become the bad guy simply because the media and the Democrats say he is.

My rule of thumb is: “If the media likes you, I don’t.”

Whatever you think of Nunes, just remember, he’s got the guts to call out the DOJ and nobody else has.

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