Devin Nunes Embarrasses Schiff At Hearing, Calls Him Out For Seeking Nude Photos of Trump

Rep. Devin Nunes embarrassed House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff in epic fashion at today’s whistleblower hearing, referencing an incident in which the California Democrat was caught on tape trying to secure naked photos of President Trump.

Nunes began by snarkily commending Democrats and the mainstream media on getting their talking points completely synced on the new Ukraine hoax.

“I want to congratulate the Democrats on the rollout of their latest information warfare operation and their extraordinary ability to once again enlist the mainstream media in their campaign,” the Republican lawmaker said.

He then ticked off a list of examples showing how Democrats have actually colluded with Ukraine to dig up dirt on their political opponents, including a reference to Schiff.

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“Of course, Democrats on this very committee negotiated with people who they thought were Ukrainians in order to obtain nude pictures of Trump,” he revealed.

Nunes was needling Schiff over an incident in which he fell victim to Russian pranksters Vladimir Kyzetsov and Alexei Stolyarov in 2018. The comedians, posing as a Ukrainian member of Parliament, Andriy Parubiy, promised dirt on the President.

Schiff even went so far as to arrange for staff to collect “classified” material for the FBI.

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Some of the material, according to the comedians, included documents alleging that Trump had an affair with Russian model and singer Olga Buzova while in Moscow for the 2013 Miss Universe pageant.

“She got compromising materials on Trump after their short relations,” the caller told Schiff.

“OK, and what’s the nature of the material?” Schiff responded.

“Well, there were pictures of naked Trump,” the ‘Parubiy’ impersonator claimed, adding that Russian President Vladimir Putin was aware of these “images.”


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Note that he didn’t scream that ‘this is an outrage!’

He continued trying to get more information. The California Democrat would later claim he was in on the joke, but listening to the call itself proves he was quite serious about getting his gangly hands on those nude photos.

Not only did Schiff take the 8-minute phone call, he then followed up by having staff try to collect the “classified” information.

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An aide to the congressman arranged to have documents dropped off at the Ukrainian embassy so another staffer could pick them up.

“I understand Mr. Schiff had a productive call with Mr. Parubiy, and that Mr. Parubiy would like to make some material available to Mr. Schiff through your embassy,” wrote one aide. “Please let me know how best to arrange pick-up of those materials from your Embassy in Washington, D.C.”

Fox News host Sean Hannity bragged back in April that he had compiled a ‘dossier’ on Schiff, part of which included this phone call.

“I got a tape of him colluding with a Russian, or somebody believed to be a Russian that had compromising materials of naked pictures of Trump,” Hannity said. “He was hyperventilating on the phone call and didn’t know it was a hoax.”

Schiff, who has faced multiple calls to resign for peddling the Russia collusion conspiracy theory, used his time at today’s whistleblower hearing to completely fabricate quotes from President Trump.

Those calls for him to step down need to escalate after his performance. Maybe then he’ll have more time to locate those naked pictures of President Trump he so covets.

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