Nick Givas on December 7, 2018

Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz said on “America’s Newsroom” Friday he doesn’t believe former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn “committed any crimes.”

Host Bill Hemmer asked Dershowitz about the Flynn memo filed on Tuesday, which was supposed to detail how Flynn has assisted the special counsel with “several” investigations. The document was heavily redacted, however, and provided little information to the public.

“What could possibly be in the wording behind this?” Hemmer asked.

“Well, we don’t know. This is a perfect example of Flynn, I don’t think, really committed any crimes. But because they threatened not only prosecuting him but prosecuting his son, he flipped and he pleaded guilty and now apparently he is cooperating and that’s why the government is not seeking prison time for him,” he said.

Dershowitz said this is just another case of the government trying to put pressure on a witness to make them say what they want to hear.

“Again, that’s just the perfect example of how much power the government has to influence witnesses to tell the stories they want to hear,” he declared. “As Judge Ellis put it, not only to sing but sometimes even to compose. So those redactions may contain information about that.”

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