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Democrats Dress in White for State of the Union in Ironic Reference to Racist Past

Last night during the State Of The Union, Democrats proved they have no interest in uniting our country and showed how much they hate our president. They put their hatred before the voters. It was ignorance at its finest!

Forgive me, but I thought dressing up in all white clothes – like what we saw in the House of Representatives during the State of the Union – was considered to be symbolic of racism?

What else am I to assume when you all are dressed like that and then act so unappreciative of Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and women doing great in today’s soaring economy and thriving job market?

(By the way, whatever happened to not wearing white before Labor Day? Am I so old-fashioned?)

Democrats share an irrational and unjustified hatred for President Trump and it has driven them to madness. Most of us call it Trump Derangement Syndrome. These Democrats are so unhinged that they would prefer to see America fail so that Trump won’t succeed.  And, even worse, they are proud of this.

The goals of the Democratic Party haven’t changed. They only look different now. Instead of openly supporting slavery and segregation, modern Democrats hold minorities down by making them dependent on government handouts.

The visuals alone tell Americans the state of the Democratic Party and where they stand on the issues. They have become extremists on mainstream issues and are really out of touch with the needs of the American electorate. Their positions are financially untenable when it comes to their socialist “Green New Deal” platform. It’s even worse on issues like late-term abortions, open borders, law enforcement, military, and the veterans’ health care.

Sadly, minorities don’t realize that under the Democrats’ new, more radical platform, they would be enslaved, albeit in a more subtle but no less subservient way. Success only occurs when people of all persuasions have the opportunity for the American dream. Handouts are not success!

Many people who voted for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are asking themselves why they supported such a destructive political party. Please, I sawy to them, put down that heavy yoke you have been carrying and come into the light with us Trump supporters.

Democrats should stop thinking only themselves and start pitching in to be a part of a greater America. Who would it hurt?

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