Democrats Want GOP Rep. Clay Higgins Arrested for Removing Socialist Protester from Event

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By Dr. Derek Ellerman

Democrats are in an uproar over an incident in which a Republican Congressman, Clay Higgins, physically removed a socialist protester from a press conference.

It all began when a socialist identified as Jake Burdett began shouting questions at the assembled Republicans, among them Lauren Boebert, Paul Gosar, and Rep. Higgins.

Burdett told Newsweek he was originally attending an event to promote socialized medicine, hosted by far-left socialists Bernie Sanders and Rep. Pramila Jayapal, but decided to shout at Republicans afterwards.

That’s when Rep. Higgins had enough, and took it upon himself to grab Burdett and calmly but forcefully physically remove him from the area, at some points even lifting Burdett clear off the ground like a tantrum-throwing toddler.

Video captured shows some of what transpired:

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Physically Remove

Higgins, hailing from Louisiana, was an MP for the Louisiana National Guard right out of high school in addition to later jobs as a policeman and sheriff’s deputy, so it’s likely this isn’t his first rodeo in trying to keep order.

It’s also reasonable to assume that he knows the line between non-criminal action, battery, and assault, any of which he could conceivably get slapped with by D.C. police.

In the video, you can hear a clearly perplexed Burdett ask Higgins, “Aren’t you a Congressperson? Get off me!” while Higgins repeatedly tells him, “You’re out.”

Observers predictably pulled out their own phones to record the unusual event, and one woman can be heard shouting, “Get this on video, this is assault!”

The Daily Beast reports that Burdett was then questioned by police for 30 minutes before eventually being let go.

Burdett shared his side of the story, along with his own videos of what transpired:

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Democrats In Uproar

While I’m not sure I can exactly blame them, the response from our friends on the left is illuminating.

Even a retired Army General got in on the action:

Frankly, I can’t argue with the general’s reasoning; the power imbalance is clear. Also frankly, I’m more than a little surprised that Higgins wasn’t bashed over the head with a blackjack and thrown into an unmarked van, given his membership in The Wrong Party.

Obama/Biden booster Jon Cooper wants an arrest:

Examples abound:

Everyone’s favorite law student certainly chimed in:

Ultimately, our society needs to agree on what is an acceptable level of private martial behavior. While everyone agrees violent assault is wrong in 99.99% of circumstances, in many jurisdictions battery can be as simple as an unwanted touch – an impossible standard for any society larger than two people.

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For his part, Higgins’ views seem to be pretty clear:

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