Newly-minted O’Reilly replacement Tucker Carlson has a loyal and growing following because he doesn’t pull any punches and is willing to tell his viewers the truth that lies beneath all the PC spin. He will make a solid selection for a time slot which formerly promised to serve as the “No Spin Zone.”

So leave it to Carlson, on the same day his show debuts in the 8pm slot, to peel back layers of deception from the Democrat Party and their opposition to President Trump’s border wall.

In fact, he manages to reduce Democrat opposition to border security to just ten words. They don’t want the border secure because it “may stop the flow of cheap labor and new voters.

Tucker rightly points out that the Democrat Party should never – EVER – oppose something based on cost. We’re coming off eight years in which their party doubled the national debt by adding trillions to it. They are the ‘tax and spend’ party which knows no bounds on their willingness to fritter away taxpayer money.

Via Fox News Insider:

Carlson said Democrats are opposed to the border wall because it will work, likely curbing the flow of cheap labor and prospective new Democratic voters.

“It costs too much? Really? From people who don’t care what anything costs? That’s not a real argument. Their real problem with it is this may stop the flow of cheap labor and new voters,” he said.

Check out the video at 25:15:

Carlson was responding to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who previously revealed the Trump administration’s own true motive in supporting a border wall.

“[The wall] will be the end of illegality,” he explained.

There you have it – Republicans want the border wall to curb illegality while Democrats oppose it because it would curb adding to their voter rolls.

The Political Insider previously covered Democrat Luis Gutiérrez who revealed the true reason behind his party’s push toward amnesty for illegal immigrants was to gain 4-5 million new Democrats.

Of course, anyone who has been paying attention knows that increasing Democrat numbers is the one true goal behind opposition to border control.

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