If Democrats Really Believe These Hillary Clinton Comments About Planned Parenthood, The Entire Party Needs to Be Shut Down!

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton called the undercover footage of Planned Parenthood employees talking about harvesting dead fetuses for research facilities “disturbing” Tuesday, in her first statement on the series of videos.

“I have seen pictures from them and obviously find them disturbing,” the Democratic presidential candidate told the New Hampshire Union Leader on Tuesday in regards to the videos, which were released by the anti-abortion group Center for Medical Progress. “Planned Parenthood is answering questions and will continue to answer questions.”

During the interview, Clinton added that if there’s going to be a congressional inquiry into the videos, “it should look at everything,” and not just one organization. There are plenty of other criminals running around, too. But I don’t think the courts are going to wait until ALL criminals are rounded up first so that they can be prosecuted.

“We have the highest standards. The care and health care and safety of our patients is our most important priority” Clinton said

“Patients” is not the issue here. It’s what you are doing with what comes OUT of your “patients” that is the real problem.

It is so disgusting that she has to say the politically correct thing. She says “disturbing” instead of wrong. The comments those people were saying in those videos were wrong. If there is any decency in your heart, you know they are wrong, too. They were getting rich with the help of tax payer dollars by selling the body parts of unborn children. That’s disgusting. Tell me how that is moral or ethical. Tell me. I challenge you to tell me because you cannot. It’s wrong. My mother taught me when I was a child to know right from wrong. How can an adult not know the same?

Hillary’s first and only concern is how it will affect her campaign. She will ride the fence and keep an opening to swing either way depending on how the wind blows. It’s the Clinton way to triangulate, parse words, play the victim but above all play everyone and everything to their own personal political advantage. Anybody who can’t come out and say this treatment of unborn babies is barbaric, brutal, and criminal has to be a cold-hearted degenerate brute of the greatest degree!


Dear Hillary, which side of your mouth are you talking out of. Is it the side that is worried about the equality of the working poor or is it the side that is paying $600.00 for a hair cut. If you spend $600 on a hair cut, how much tax payer money will you use on everyday living in the White House.

Good thing no Planned Parenthood existed when you were conceived or there is a strong possibility you might not be here.

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H/T: New Hampshire Union Leader

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