Democrats Pressure Nicole Shanahan To Abandon RFK Ticket Out of Trump Victory Fears

Representative Ro Khanna urges Nicole Shanahan to reconsider her vice presidential candidacy with Robert F Kennedy Jr. due to concerns about aiding Trump's reelection.
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Progressive Representative Ro Khanna (D-CA), in a letter intended for vice presidential candidate Nicole Shanahan, is urging her to walk away from the ticket with Robert F Kennedy Jr., citing concerns that the campaign could lead to an election victory for Donald Trump.

RFK announced his selection of Shanahan last month as he forges ahead with an Independent bid for the White House.

According to Kennedy’s running mate, CBS News obtained a letter intended for her from Khanna warning that “supporting Kennedy could aid Trump’s return to the White House and have negative environmental consequences.”

“Even Trump himself, and other members of his team, have admitted that a RFK Jr. ticket will help his reelection,” Khanna writes.

The letter appears to be an end-around to stifle Kennedy’s significant campaign. Democrats and his own family have pressured him repeatedly to drop out citing the same concerns as Khanna. But to no avail.

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Nicole Shanahan Responds

The fact that Khanna ran to CBS News in order to get the word out is rather remarkable. He penned the letter but didn’t send it to RFK’s running mate. Yet, anyway.

“He made his pitch to her in a letter he shared with CBS News, though he hadn’t yet sent it to Shanahan,” the outlet reveals.

This is confounding, since he knows full well the outlet was going to in turn contact Shanahan for comment. Which they did. They served dutifully as the Democrat lawmakers personal courier.

And she, in turn, blasted him on social media.

The far-left candidate called Khanna out and said he originally encouraged her to run but had clearly been strong-armed into trying to get her to drop out.

“In my conversation with Ro, he congratulated me on the position and encouraged me to run, stating that every American has the right to run in this country,” she writes. “He stated that we live in a democracy, and it was wrong for anyone to threaten me against running.”

“Clearly, Ro has changed his stance based on pressure from the party,” adds Shanahan. “I hope he understands how anti-democratic it is to ask someone to step down from a race that empowers the American public to make their own decisions.”

She went on to express her disappointment with Khanna’s actions and added he could have simply called her to discuss.

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RFK Chimes In

Robert F Kennedy Jr. praised Nicole Shanahan for her courage in standing strong against Democrats pressuring her to drop out.

He also suggested the party that claims to be the great defender of democracy is literally trying to decrease democracy.

“I have always admired Ro Khanna,” he wrote on X. “His flip-flop here is disappointing. The party has power to bludgeon men of character into wavering.”

This isn’t the first time Kennedy has hinted that the Democrat Party is a bigger threat to democracy than Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“I can make the argument that President Biden is a much worse threat to democracy,” he tells CNN in a recent interview.

Biden has been trying to distance himself from RFK. The two are both far-left Democrats by any standard. But Kennedy offers a legitimate option for those party voters dismayed with Biden’s presidency.

Polls, subsequently, are showing the Kennedy name is hurting Biden. Democrat voters are being pulled away by his running as an Independent.

That’s why they want him out so badly.

And if they can’t force Kennedy out, it seems they’ll at least try to torpedo his campaign by pressuring Nicole Shanahan into walking away.

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