In case you missed it, House Democrats led the charge to pass the Bipartisan Background Checks Act (H.R. 8) which would expand background checks for nearly every gun sale. The vote tally was 240 to 190, but this was primarily for show because it is not expected to pass the Republican-held Senate.

Why was it bipartisan? It also turns out that eight House Republicans joined Democrats to vote for increased gun control.

Do any of these pro-gun-control House Members personally carry a firearm? Do any use taxpayer-funded armed guards for personal protection, both public and private?

America is a country founded on the principle of equality under the law.

If and when these pandering left-leaning hypocrites give up their access to the protection and personal security modern guns afford, then and only then can all sides sit down and talk rationally.

USA Today reports:

One bill, H.R. 8, would require background checks for private transactions, such as purchases online and at gun shows. Currently, only federally licensed firearms dealers, importers and manufacturers are required to conduct background checks on customers under federal law. (Twenty states and D.C. have already expanded background checks to include at least some private sales.)

The other bill, H.R. 1112, would extend to 20 days the amount of time firearms dealers must wait for a response from the background check system before the sale can proceed. Currently, they can make the sale if they haven’t received a response in three days.

Amazing the hypocrisy displayed daily by leading Democrats. They are all out to support Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal,” but many like Bernie Sanders use private jets habitually. They are against the wall to protect our southern border from illegals, but they live in homes surrounded by walls for their security like Nancy Pelosi. They are against the death penalty for murderers, but just passed laws allowing for the abortion up to birth and the killing of newborn babies (infanticide), like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Those of us who have been in combat prefer to win the soft war by voting for real Americans who love and cherish this country. We want to educate those who aren’t thinking right.

If it comes down to civil war, there is nothing civil about any war no matter where it takes place. Our last civil war killed over 600,000 Americans who could have been immensely helpful in growing this nation.

To win, you must achieve unconditional surrender. There are no brave leftists, so defeat will be as easy as taking away their safe places, putting big ugly guns in the streets, and wearing red MAGA hats. The party that has the ugliest Congress critters ever found on this planet will not control the military, and law enforcement so will be dependent on Antifa militants, who may be so busy gaming, that they forget to shower. Leftists will not defeat America and its true patriots, who not only have guns but can shoot straight.

Negotiating with a socialist is incremental surrender.

There is only one political party in Washington – the Big Government party. The “opposing” parties, especially those that have been in office for several terms, are engaged in kabuki theater to distract the voters from the increasing socialism being inflicted in anticipation of a global government run by the “corruptocrat” United Nations.

Hey Democrats, lead by example. Make sure all your bodyguards are disarmed before you try making everyone else disarmed. Let’s see how long you last without their guns for protection!