Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act Is Going To Unleash An Army Of 80,000 New IRS Agents

The Inflation Reduction Act, erroneously named and passed by Senate Democrats on a strictly partisan vote, is set to unleash roughly 80,000 armed IRS auditors on the Middle Class. An IRS job posting for special agents received renewed interest for a list of major duties which include carrying a firearm and executing search warrants following news that the Democrat 'Inflation Reduction Act' will increase the department's budget by $80 billion and potentially beef up staffing.
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The Inflation Reduction Act, erroneously named and passed by Senate Democrats on a strictly partisan vote, is set to unleash roughly 87,000 new IRS auditors.

President Joe Biden has been touting the idea for awhile, as news reports from over a year ago prove.

The bill, which likely will pass the House later this week, raises taxes, could actually make inflation worse, and lowers after-tax income for Americans at every income level, according to ranking Republicans on the United States Senate Committee on Finance and the Joint Committee on Taxation.

But it also adds $80 billion to the IRS budget, an amount that is over 6 times the current annual budget of around $12 billion, and of which well over half is to be used for enforcement measures.

“The bill says a whopping $45.6 billion will be for enforcement, and make no mistake, enforcement is the main directive from Democrats to the IRS,” Forbes writes. “Get bigger, tougher and faster at collecting, and make them pay.”

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Inflation Reduction Act Unleashed IRS Agents

Make them pay.

That is the goal as the federal government needs the addition of tens of thousands of IRS agents.

Taxation is theft. And Democrats just pulled off one of the biggest heists in American history using reconciliation to avoid a filibuster and passing the Act along strict party lines. That’s taxation without representation. It’s what the Revolution was fought over.

Democrats would have you believe they’re going after billionaires with the mass-hiring of IRS agents authorized by the Inflation Reduction Act. They’re not.

Steve Forbes and Stephen Moore write for the New York Post that “the superrich aren’t the real targets.”

“Most of the money raised from these audits won’t come from the superrich or multibillion-dollar corporations — both well-stocked with accountants and tax attorneys to fight IRS allegations,” they explain.

“Small-business owners and upper-middle-income workers will likely be the targets. The woman who runs an accounting firm or a restaurant won’t have the resources to fight the government in tax court.”

Just as with the lockdown restrictions during COVID – the rich had the means to stay afloat, but the small business owners and working men and women were targets of blue-state and -city lockdowns. They couldn’t afford to fight back. They don’t have armies of lobbyists.

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Ammo Roundup

Using past IRS data as a model, the vast majority of audits will likely involve low-to-middle income Americans.

Representative Kevin Brady claims the Inflation Reduction Act “supercharge(s) the IRS and unleash 87,000 new IRS enforcement agents on taxpayers, including the middle class.”

And one has to wonder where the blitz on buying guns and ammunition for IRS agents will come into play.

Reports indicate the IRS bought nearly $700,000 in ammunition over a timespan ranging from March 1st to June 1st of this year.

The news prompted Representatives Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Jeff Duncan (R-SC) to push the “Disarm the IRS Act,” which would prohibit the IRS from buying ammunition.

The Biden administration has been touting a poll from Data for Progress which claims 61% of voters support increased enforcement by the IRS.

“Some Republicans have expressed skepticism about giving the IRS a significant funding increase, and GOP lawmakers have also expressed concerns that efforts to increase enforcement could infringe upon taxpayers’ rights,” The Hill adds in previous discussions on attempts by Democrats to unleash the department.

A conservative anti-tax group released an ad warning about the power being proposed for the IRS.

“If Joe Biden gets his way, they are coming: IRS agents,” the ad’s narrator warns. “Biden’s massive tax increase plan includes a staggering $80 billion to help recruit an army of IRS agents.”

With the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, that army becomes a real and present danger.

The push to add IRS agents has Republican lawmakers concerned about an infringement on freedoms.

“Conservatives should be especially worried,” Forbes and Moore write. “Will the Biden administration weaponize these tens of thousands of new agents against them as it’s done at the Justice Department and the FBI?”

One doesn’t necessarily have to go back too far in history to recall a scandal under former President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden in which the IRS was used to target political opponents.

The Department of Justice reviewed the scandal in which Tea Party organizations were targeted by the Obama IRS for more rigorous tax-exempt scrutiny. They were discovered to have used terms such as “Tea Party” or “Patriots” to delay applications.

The DOJ announced in October of 2017 that a settlement with those groups had been reached.

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