Democrats Eating Their Own! DNC Bans THIS Person Before Tonight’s Debate!

Democrats eat their own when push comes to shove.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

The Democratic National Committee Vice Chairwoman claims to have been disinvited to Tuesday’s Democratic debate held in Las Vegas by Chairman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz because she dared to suggest that a single debate might not be enough for the waiting public, who desperately want to hear from their potential Presidential candidates.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard hails from the State of Hawaii and has made it public she thinks there are too few debates.

“When I first came to Washington, one of the things that I was disappointed about was there’s a lot of immaturity and petty gamesmanship that goes on, and it kind of reminds me of how high school teenagers act,” Gabbard told The New York Times.

“It’s very dangerous when we have people in positions of leadership who use their power to try to quiet those who disagree with them,” Gabbard said. “When I signed up to be vice chair of the D.N.C., no one told me I would be relinquishing my freedom of speech and checking it at the door.”

Hey, I am a conservative American, who was formerly a liberal. I think Gabbard should change parties to end all this theatre. I think she’s too pretty to be part of the Democratic Party in the first place but as you can see, her voice is being stymied because she’s fighting against the establishment status quo.

Whether she goes or not, at least the infighting is being brought into the light. Maybe the media will say the Democrats are in turmoil now instead of lying about Republicans.

What do you think of Gabbard’s suggestion? Do you even care? Share your thoughts below in our comment section.

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