Former Representative Tulsi Gabbard believes President Biden’s multiple crises are exploding to a point in which he will be remembered as “worse than Jimmy Carter.”

Carter is often viewed as one of the worst presidents in our nation’s history, ranking consistently at the bottom of surveys alongside James Buchanan and Andrew Johnson.

Gabbard appeared on “The Five” on Fox News Tuesday to discuss recent reports that Biden, according to NBC News, “is rattled by his sinking approval ratings.”

“He’s now lower than Trump, and he’s really twisted about it,” a White House source said.

Not twisted over his inability to help the American people. Twisted over his popularity.

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Tulsi Gabbard: Biden on Pace to be Worse Than Jimmy Carter

Gabbard, in her appearance on the Fox News talk show, slammed President Trump for being more concerned about this approval rating than the converging crises his administration has created or exacerbated.

“First of all stop thinking about yourself and actually think about getting things done for the American people. I think that the first problem is that they’re concerned about how they look,” she fumed.

Gabbard notes that Biden brought about gas prices and inflation crises that Carter was known for but suggested his handling of the Russia/Ukraine conflict made him worse for bringing about a new cold war.

“Second of all, I think they’ve got it completely wrong,” she said. “Biden will be remembered as being worse than Jimmy Carter.”

“Because they’re talking about gas prices and inflation and how things were bad then and now, but they’re ignoring the fact that Carter’s policies didn’t fast-track us into a new Cold War or push us into a place where we’re closer to a nuclear war now than since the Cuban missile crisis.”

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The Worst

Sure, Biden and Jimmy Carter share some striking similarities in their introducing Americans to sky-high gas prices, record inflation, and supply chain issues.

And a lot of terms one associates with Carter – ‘malaise,’ ‘crisis of confidence’ – could easily apply to our current leader.

But Biden has added exponents to his ‘worst President’ equation, including mishandling COVID with more pandemic deaths on his watch with a vaccine than under Trump, an epically botched Afghanistan withdrawal, and an invasion that Russian President Vladimir Putin would never have dared under his predecessor.

In a statement last year, former President Trump said it is unfair to suggest Biden and Carter are comparable, sarcastically noting it’s “very unfair to Jimmy Carter.”

“Jimmy mishandled crisis after crisis, but Biden has CREATED crisis after crisis,” Trump said. “Someday, they will compare future disasters to the Biden Administration.”

A new Morning Consult poll shows Biden’s approval rating sinking to a new low below 40%.

The polling group reports that “Trump was markedly more popular at a similar point in his presidency.”

Looks like Biden can get even more twisted about his public perception as of today. He’s making Carter, Buchanan, and Johnson look better every single day.

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