Democrat Rep. Katie Hill Admits to ‘Inappropriate’ Sexual Relationship With Female Staffer

California Democrat Rep. Katie Hill confessed to having an “inappropriate” sexual relationship with a female staffer after the House Committee on Ethics announced they would be investigating.

Recently leaked photos and text messages show Hill was engaged in a long-term three-way sexual relationship involving her estranged husband and a female staffer.

“I know that even a consensual relationship with a subordinate is inappropriate, but I still allowed it to happen despite my better judgment,” Hill wrote in a letter to her constituents.

“For that I apologize,” she added. “I wish nothing but the best for her and hope everyone respects her privacy in this difficult time.”

Hill insisted that the leaked photos and messages were part of a smear campaign by an “abusive husband” who “seems determined to try to humiliate me.”

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Denies Other Allegations

While admitting to the inappropriate relationship with her female staffer, Hill denied reports that she had engaged in another extramarital affair involving her former finance director, Graham Kelly, after moving to Washington, D.C. in January.

“Allegations that I have been involved in a relationship with Mr. Kelly are absolutely false,” Hill stated to Fox News.

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“I am saddened that the deeply personal matter of my divorce has been brought into public view and the vindictive claims of my ex have now involved the lives and reputations of unrelated parties.”

The Congresswoman blamed details of the tawdry affairs, both admitted to and alleged, as a “coordinated effort to try to destroy me and people close to me.”

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Ethics Committee Investigation

The House Ethics Committee on Wednesday announced they were launching an investigation into Hill over the allegations.

“The committee is aware of public allegations that Representative Katie Hill may have engaged in a sexual relationship with an individual on her congressional staff, in violation of House Rule XXIII, Clause 18(a),” a statement reads.

With the investigation as a backdrop, why would Hill admit to one inappropriate affair and not the other? The answer may lie in a new rule.

Last February, the House adopted a new rule in response to the ‘Me Too’ movement prohibiting sexual relationships between lawmakers and their employees.

According to the Daily Caller, the “alleged affair with the congressional aide would violate House ethics rules, while the alleged affair with the campaign staffer would not.”

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Hill, who was praised by the mainstream media over being open about her bisexual stature, had been vociferous in her support of accusers of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, even referring to him as a “serial predator.”

Reports have suggested that Hill’s treatment of the female staffer was “abusive” and questions have arisen as to whether or not, as a paid employee, the woman was able to give consent to the relationship.

The ‘believe all survivors’ mindset of the left is going to get a serious test in this case.

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