Photos, Texts Show Democrat California Rep Had Polyamorous Affair Involving Female Staffer

Recently leaked photos and text messages show California Democrat Rep. Katie Hill was engaged in a long-term three-way sexual relationship involving her estranged husband and a female staffer.

The tawdry evidence includes messages which show the staffer believed the polyamorous arrangement was a committed one, along with photographs showing Hill and the female staffer engaged in intimate embraces.

“The woman,” RedState reports, “was hired by Hill in late 2017 and quickly became involved in a ‘throuple’ relationship with Hill and her estranged husband, Kenny Heslep.”

The site states that they felt compelled to release some of the images and text messages because it involves an affair that took place “within one of the parties’ workplace(s),” which happens to be “the United States Congress,” and that “the public should know about them as they determine that elected official’s fitness to serve.”

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More Wild Reports

Aside from the ‘throuple’ relationship with a staffer, Heslep states that the Congresswoman then went on to have another extramarital affair involving her former finance director after moving to Washington, D.C. in January, prompting him to file for divorce.

RedState also points out that as the staffer was an employee of Hill’s and paid by the California Democrat, her ability to consent to the relationship is sketchy.

“Some legal pundits contend that an employee can’t truly consent to a sexual relationship with the person who signs their paycheck,” the column reads.

One of the photos published by Red State shows Hill, naked, brushing the staffer’s hair.

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Hill Supports Impeaching Trump

Hill, who was praised by the mainstream media over being open about her bisexual stature, has expressed support for impeaching President Trump.

“I believe in our country, in the Constitution, and in the checks and balances we have in place to protect our democracy. Those rules have ensured that our government is and will always be of the people, by the people, and for the people,” she said in a statement last month. “At this point, I believe a threshold has been crossed by this President and those checks and balances are in jeopardy.”

Hill mentions that she moved towards impeachment because of “egregious misconduct” on the part of the President that “threaten(s) the security of our country.”

Blackmail photos seem to fall into both the ‘egregious misconduct’ and ‘threat to security’ categories. Perhaps Hill should be removed from office based on her own standard.

RedState writes:

In addition to the legal and ethical issues raised by allegations of a congresswoman having not one, but two extramarital affairs with people on her staff, concurrently, there are issues of national security. Hill serves on two influential committees in that regard: Oversight and Reform and Armed Service. She has access to extremely sensitive national security information. If people who don’t have our nation’s best interests at heart had access to the photographs, text messages, and other information provided to RedState, Rep. Hill would be an easy blackmail target.

Hill was part of the ridiculous stunt led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in which they tried to hunt down Mitch McConnell during the government shutdown.

“At this point, the only thing left is for us to make noise and that’s exactly what we’re doing,” Hill explained to reporters enamored by the stunt.

We’re not sure this is the kind of noise she wants to hear right now.