Democrat House Whip Clyburn: President Trump Is Attempting A Coup

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James Clyburn, the Democrat Majority House Whip, has said that President Trump is attempting a “coup” by contesting election results.

Clyburn appeared on CNN’s New Day with John Berman when he made the remarks. 

Clyburn: “This Is An Attempt To Overthrow Our Government”

“President Trump is publicly trying to overturn the results of the election,” Berman said, and asked Clyburn to comment as someone who has “worked to protect the sanctity of the election” for decades.

“This is an attempt to overthrow our government,” Clyburn said simply.

“You may not call it a coup, but this is an attempted coup. Now, some people say he is trying to steal the election. He is not trying to steal the election. That denotes some kind of unknown activity when you are stealing.”

The House Majority Whip argued that President Trump is “in your face” while he is “trying to overthrow the will of the people.”

Clyburn then compared President Trump to Italy’s fascist dicator Benito Mussolini, which he had also done a few years previously on the same network.

“If you go back and look the night before he gave his State of the Union address in 2018, that’s what I said then because I saw it coming. And that’s what he’s doing here,” he continued.

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Mainstream Press Promoting This Narrative

Clyburn then encouraged his “Republican colleagues” to “speak up in defense of this democracy, the best thing going in this world today,” which he says they are not doing so at the moment, and therefore “run the risk of losing this fragile democracy because of the idiosyncrasies of one person.”

“We should not allow anything akin to this to be taking place in this country,” he continued.

“This democracy has not always been good to me and my parents and my forebears, but it’s the best thing going, and we should hold on to it. We should not let this continue.”

Clyburn is not the only mainstream figure to say President Trump is attempting a coup.

From Seth Meyers and other late night hosts, to columnists in the Atlantic and New Yorker, to NBC presenters, the media complex is maintaining this narrative.

However, challenging election results is not a coup. It’s as simple as that.

We have not even yet reached the equivalent date from the 2000 election, where Al Gore refused to concede, and contested the results in Florida, up until December 13th of that year.

There’s a reason why the “coup” narrative is being so widely pushed.

If President Trump’s current lawsuits do succeed, and against the odds he is re-elected, then he will be declared an illegitimate President by all, just as was done in 2016 with the Russia investigation.

It’s the same playbook being opened once again.

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