Dem Lawmaker Who Harassed Pro-Life Teen Girls Accidentally Raises Money For Their Cause

A Pennsylvania state lawmaker who stalked a group of teenage girls praying outside an abortion clinic has inadvertently raised quite a bit of money for the pro-life cause.

Brian Sims got into some hot water earlier this week when he posted footage of the girls – aged 15 and 13 – outside a Planned Parenthood, offering cash to anyone who could provide information on their identities.

“I’ve got $100 to anyone who will identify these three,” Sims proudly announces in the clip. “I’m going to donate to Planned Parenthood.”

He then turns the camera to another man outside the clinic, saying “It would be easier if you just give me your name and your address.”

Sick Man

Sims asks a man outside the clinic, “What makes you think it’s your job to tell women what’s right for their bodies?”

An ironic question since he was just stalking teenage girls and threatening them for quietly protesting.

Also ironic, because a video one week earlier shows him harassing an elderly woman outside the Planned Parenthood, mocking her as an “old white lady” and threatening to go to her house “and tell her what’s right for her body.”

Sims, in short, is a sick individual who likes to threaten elderly women and harass teenage girls. Ashley Garecht, mother to the teen girls attacked in the video, agrees.

“Just the fact that he’s an adult male interacting aggressively with teenage girls, that alone is inappropriate,” Garecht said. “Him being a politician doesn’t just supersede him being an adult man aggressively approaching teenage women.”

Now He’s a Pro-Life Champion

In what has to be terrible news for the baby-hating pajama boy, Sims has now accidentally become a pro-life champion, helping to raise nearly $100,000 for the cause.

The girls’ father opened up a GoFundMe campaign called “Show Brian the Power of the Pro-Life Movement” which will donate all gifts to the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia.

So far, they have amassed nearly $100,000 in donations in just two days. We suspect it will surpass that amount quite soon.

“It’s bad enough that a grown man would be trying to dox three teenage girls,” the page reads. “It’s even worse that he is an elected official.”

The father then offers two responses: 1) Next time if he has “a problem with my wife and daughters,” come see him like a man and 2) He challenges people to donate to the pro-life cause to counter Sims’ little $100 doxxing effort.

That second part is working like a charm, though we’d secretly like to see what would happen if a guy who stalks young girls and the elderly would meet the father face-to-face.

He’s Unhinged

If it wasn’t already abundantly clear that Sims suffers from a serious mental disconnect, here’s yet another example.

Sims, a self-described “Little Mermaid enthusiast,” was not at all happy about Vice President Mike Pence visiting his district last June, and he posted a super-serious hateful message on social media to prove it.

Whoa, there tough guy. Settle down. The man has anger issues, and while many are demanding he resign they should also have an intervention and get the man counseling.

For now, however, he’s an unwilling contributor to the pro-life movement. Which is just perfect.

Congratulate Sims on his entry into the Irony Hall of Fame by donating to the cause.

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