A prime example of killing two birds with one stone.

Congressman Robert Pittenger, a North Carolina Republican facing a primary challenge on May 8th, has come up with the perfect solution for both ‘sanctuary cities’ and the border wall.

Defund one to pay for the other.

Pittenger introduced legislation that explains everything in the title – the “Make Sanctuary Cities Pay for the Wall Act.”


The bill seeks to defund sanctuary cities and use those savings to aid in the construction of the border wall.

“By simultaneously defunding sanctuary cities and funding construction of a border wall,” Pittenger explains, “this legislation offers a comprehensive solution to one of our nation’s most pressing and persistent problems.”

“Sanctuary cities blatantly subvert the rule of law, incentivize further illegal immigration and endanger law-abiding citizens,” Pittenger reasoned. “All the while, criminals and drugs flow across our porous southern border, bringing violence and crime into our towns and communities.”

He added, “This poses a critical threat to public safety and America’s national security as we know that Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations are actively operating in Latin America.”

“Enough is enough.”

Critics of Pittenger have called him one of the most liberal Republicans in Congress, but this legislation is a clear sign that he’s trying to change that perception, fully supporting President Trump’s agenda to stop illegal immigration.

Vice President Mike Pence has previously praised Pittenger, saying he “has stood with us to rebuild our military, protect our borders, roll back red tape and to cut your taxes, and he has our thanks.”

Pittenger at one point though, insinuated that Trump’s border wall was nothing more than a euphemism for border security, not a tangible piece of engineering.

“The wall clearly expresses the intent, we must secure the southern border,” Pittenger said to a high school civics class in March of 2017. “I think he was conveying that to the American people and letting them know in the simplest, clearest terms.”

The Republican congressman also told the class that a border wall would be impossible to build.

“When you get into it, it would be impossible because of the topography,” he said.

Perhaps Pittenger took a geology and engineering class and figured out it was possible after all. Whatever his change of heart, it’d be great to see this bill defunding sanctuary cities to pay for the wall get consideration.

Do you support defunding sanctuary cities and using the money to pay for the wall? Share your thoughts below!

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