‘Death To America’ Chants Crop Up At Anti-Israel Protests In Democrat Rashida Tlaib’s Heavily-Muslim District

Stomach-churning chants of "Death to America” and “Death to Israel” were heard at a rally in Dearborn, Michigan this past weekend.
Screenshot: MEMRI

Stomach-churning chants of “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” were heard at a rally in Dearborn, Michigan this past weekend.

A video posted to X shows the goings on at the rally marking Al Quds Day, an annual pro-Palestinian event.

The chants can be heard as activist Tarek Bazzi addressed the crowd. Bazzi criticized US foreign policy as he riled up the crowd by suggesting “the chant ‘Death to Israel’ has become the most logical chant across the world today.”

Bazzi referred to the President as “Genocide Joe” and said he “has to go.”

In fact, he added, “It’s the entire system that has to go.”

Such words from a pro-Trump rallygoer would likely lead to accusations of ‘insurrection’ and a visit from the FBI for threatening the leader of the free world.

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Death To America Chants

These ‘Death to America’ chants are the type of protest the city of Dearborn is growing accustomed to. The city is, as the New York Post reports, known as the “jihad capital” of America.

An imam at the same rally equated Israel to Nazi Germany, which is a mind-bending alternate reality.

“ISIS is Israel — they are Nazis, they are fascists, they are racists,” he tells those in attendance.

Just days after the October Hamas terror attacks in Israel that claimed the lives of over 1,100 people including dozens of Americans, a group that had been photographed alongside far-left “Squad” member Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), held a pro-Palestine rally.

The rally was a celebration of the attackers, “honoring our martyrs and the struggle of our people against the colonizer.”

These events took place in Tlaib’s district, which includes Dearborn, home to the largest American Muslim population per capita, as well as the largest mosque in North America.

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Biden Losing Support

Tlaib last year was photographed alongside organizers of an art show advocating for Israel’s destruction and promoting works from known terrorists. Those organizers also put together the October rally in Dearborn.

Tlaib can be seen in images on the group’s Facebook page posing with organizers and attendees in the gallery, which featured artwork depicting slogans used by terrorist organizations — “Power To Our Freedom Fighters, Glory To Our Martyrs” and “Zionism will fall,” among others.

The gallery even featured artwork from a former spokesman of the “Palestinian Islamic Jihad.” The group is a U.S.-designated terrorist group known for conducting suicide bombings. That group took part in the Hamas terror attacks inside Israel in October.

The far-left anti-Israel faction of the Democrat Party is causing quite a problem for President Biden. Newsweek conducted multiple polls and discovered that Biden’s stance on Israel is causing his poll numbers to crater “catastrophically.”

As such, protesters seem to be hounding the president and his supporters at every turn on the matter.

The rift amongst his own voters is so great that President Biden has demanded a ceasefire from Israel. He even threatened to withhold military aid.

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