“Swatting,” the act of making a false report to emergency services in an attempt to dispatch law enforcement to a targeted address, is illegal and dangerous; in December 2017, a man in Kansas was shot and killed in a swatting incident. So it’s rather peculiar that vehement anti-gun activist David Hogg all but brushed off the swatting call made against his family on Tuesday. (RELATED: Anti-Gun Activist David Hogg’s Home Targeted By ‘Swatting’ Hoax).

Hogg told ABC News, “The swatting incident was just a silly prank.”

Really? Hogg calls for boycotts against any company that donates as much as a penny to gun manufacturers, but an illegal swatting call against his family is just a “silly prank”? That reaction just doesn’t make sense – and lots of people were confused by it.

The truly despicable thing about all this is that it wouldn’t be at all surprising if it turned out that a Hogg supporter or someone close to him carried out this “prank.” After all, Hogg and his mother were in Washington, D.C. at the time of the incident, and it’s unclear whether there was anyone in the home at all.

In other words, it was the perfect time for someone in Hogg’s camp to make the call and gain more sympathy for his family while also putting heat on pro-gun conservatives.

Furthermore, swatting is just the kind of tactic only a liberal would stoop to.

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