It’s official: even Antifa doesn’t like David Hogg.

The modern Antifa is a far-left militant group that seeks to abolish capitalism, and they violently oppose perceived “fascism” – which tends to be anyone to the right of Karl Marx. They first gained mainstream attention during the February 2017 Berkeley protests against Milo Yiannopoulos, where they reportedly threw Molotov cocktails and caused $100,000 worth of damage. Indeed, many consider Antifa to be a terrorist organization, and the House recently proposed the “Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018,” which carries a potential 15-year prison sentence for those caught engaging in violent Antifa actions.

Given all this unbridled bigotry and hatred, it’s really no surprise that Antifa has turned its back on liberal darling Hogg after he allegedly met with some members of the alt-right.

On Tuesday, Antifa blog Cutting Class called on activists to give “self-important little s**tstain” Hogg a “wedgie.” Hogg’s crime? Posing for photos with members of the Proud Boys, a far-right men’s organization founded during the 2016 election by Vice Media co-founder Gavin McInnes. (RELATED: David Hogg on Book Tour – With Armed Security).

Over the weekend, Hogg attended a March For Our Lives “Road to Change” event at Paul Quinn College in Dallas. Afterward, photos of Hogg posing with Proud Boys members were allegedly posted and then deleted. The caption of one of the deleted photos indicated that the two sides had engaged in a “respectful dialogue” on their opposing views.

This was more than enough to send the far-left into a tizzy. “March For Our Lives doubled down on defending their ‘dialogue’ like the useless f***ing liberals they are — as if the past few years hasn’t definitively put dialogue with fascists in the dustbin of ideology,” Cutting Class wrote.

The Antifa-affiliated group then added that they’d always been wary of Hogg due to the fact that his father is a retired FBI agent. “We always felt iffy about (Hogg). His dad’s a f***ing fed, so he was basically born a cop collaborator & informant,” they wrote. “Rule #1 of organizing is don’t talk to cops, and we’re pretty sure he breaks that rule every time he goes home. Also, his last name is HOGG? Talk about on the nose. Oink oink.”

How perceptive of them.

This whole thing just proves how big of a mess the liberal left really is. Hogg clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing. If he truly does want to engage in a meaningful discourse with people who disagree with him, it would behoove him to do it in a public arena – and not with a group of self-proclaimed “Western chauvinists.” As for Antifa, they’re more fascist than the fascists they oppose. It’ll only be a matter of time before they implode.

Source: Western Journal

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