Steven Crowder Debunks John Oliver on Border Patrol

John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” has quickly become one of the most viewed shows on television, and after an episode airs, a clip from the show always goes viral on YouTube the next day.

That’s in main part thanks to the structure of the show. After going through some brief news stories and skits, Oliver devotes the bulk of his show to a single topic that he’ll tackle in depth, nearly always from a left-wing perspective. The latest topic he devoted his end-of-show segment to involved US Border Patrol and the problems that Donald Trump’s hiring spree could cause.

His argument is relatively simple in this case. There have been problems with corruption among the ranks of U.S. Border Patrol in the past (among other issues he outlines), therefore hiring more border patrol agents will only exacerbate those problems.

The main problem with his argument is that his statistics are out of date, so the first premise of his argument is bogus. Steven Crowder looked at the most recent statistics regarding the problems Oliver outlined – and they’ve changed quite a bit.

Watch his rebuttal below:

Even if Oliver’s statistics were right, how is his argument anything other than “border patrol isn’t 100% effective and efficient, therefore we don’t need border control”?

That’s insanity. But it’s not surprising coming from a left-wing loon like Oliver.

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