Critical Race Professor Demands Black Educators Get ‘Bereavement Leave’ to Cope With Racism

Angel Jones, a critical race 'scholar' at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, wants black educators to be granted "bereavement leave" - paid time off - in order to deal with the "trauma" of systemic racism.
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Angel Jones, a critical race ‘scholar’ at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, wants black educators to be granted “bereavement leave” – paid time off – in order to deal with the “trauma” of racism.

In a column published by Times Higher Education, Jones asks the question: “Where’s our Black bereavement leave?”

“I am a proud educator who loves what I do. But before that, I am a Black woman,” she wrote, immediately minimizing her career, playing identity politics, and casting herself as a victim of unrelated news events.

Jones referenced the reported police-involved killing of Tyre Nichols who was beaten severely and later succumbed to his injuries at the hands of several black officers.

“Although it is customary for employees to receive support and understanding while grieving the loss of a loved one, the same care is rarely shown to the Black community when we lose someone in horrific and traumatic ways,” she said. “Where’s our Black bereavement leave?”

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Black Bereavement Leave

You may note that Jones is seeking black bereavement leave to mourn an alleged racial trauma for somebody like Nichols whom she doesn’t even know.

“When we lose someone in horrific and traumatic ways”? You didn’t even know who Nichols was prior to seeing his tragic story on the news.

The professor said she recently burst into tears when she had to email her students to discuss the young man’s death. In fact, she often cries about having to send such emails.

That news speaks to her emotional fragility more than it does a system-wide need for bereavement leave. Not all people are as pathetically ill-equipped to process events.

Black workers, Jones contends, should get paid time off when someone in the black community is tragically killed, even if they have no direct connection to them. 

Imagine that. Don’t feel like going to work today? Scan the obituaries and claim ‘black bereavement leave.’ Because only one race of people is traumatized by current events.

And don’t think for one second that Professor Jones is kidding about this topic.

“Some may have thought I was joking when I mentioned Black bereavement leave, but I wasn’t,” she wrote. “We need space and time to grieve without having to explain or defend it.”

What an incredibly nuanced argument for simply trying to get out of work while being paid for it.

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Racial Battle Fatigue – LOL

Aside from demanding ‘bereavement leave’ for black educators for having to cope with random news events, Professor Jones demands improved counseling for black faculty and staff who are “dealing with trauma caused by racism and anti-Blackness on and off campus.”

She uses a term known as “Racial battle fatigue (RBF).”

“We experience these symptoms on a regular basis as a result of our first-hand racial trauma,” she writes, having just pointed to Nichols death which would at best be second-hand racial trauma, if not third-hand.

Imagine being so fragile that completely perceived and fabricated trauma involving somebody you don’t even have a connection to would require counseling and paid time off.

Imagine being so racist that you combat racism with more racism. Because there’s no argument for bereavement leave for any other racial community.

If ever there was an argument to abolish the education system, it’d be Jones who has a Bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University, a Master of Education from Georgia State University, and a Ph.D. from George Washington University, all of whom should immediately refund her tuition for not delivering on the education end of their contract.

Jones is listed on the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville faculty page as an “expert” in “racial microaggressions, Racial Battle Fatigue, and gendered-racism.”

In other words, Jones is identified as an expert in things that don’t actually exist. Like being a professor of unicorns.

I’m so traumatized over having to cover such unintelligent drivel that I may put in for bereavement leave.

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