‘Creepy Joe’ Trends On Social Media After Biden Does Whispering Act At Press Conference

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During his press conference on Thursday, viewers had “Creepy Joe” trending on social media after President Joe Biden answered questions by leaning into the microphone and whispering to reporters. 

The purpose of the press briefing was for Biden to answer questions about the news that a bipartisan group of senators had come to a tentative deal on an infrastructure bill.

‘Creepy Joe’ Trends On Twitter

Yet the president responded in a manner some viewers thought was strange to the press audience, whispering to reporters while leaning over his podium time and again.

Townhall put together a video compilation of Biden’s responses on Thursday, which people began to share on Twitter.

It did not take long to get “Creepy Joe” trending.

Republican Congressman Andy Biggs said, “Creepy’ Joe took on a new meaning.”

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Republican U.S. Senate candidate Eric Schmitt wrote, “Creepy as all get out.”

Townhall editor Matt Vespa referenced the movie ‘American Psycho’ saying, “Not ‘Patrick Bateman I’m going to eat your brains’ creepy but pretty close.


Former Trump White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany asked, “What did I just watch?”

Republican Congresswoman Claudia Tenney answered McEnany’s question with “An arrogant guy using a condescending whisper to legitimate questions from the media.”

Mediaite’s Caleb Howe admitted, “This is painful.”

Brigitte Gabriel added, “Creepy Joe is really creepy.”

‘Creepy Joe’ Not New

This is obviously not the first time “Creepy Joe” has been used or trended on social media. Many have commented for years on how the president awkwardly interacts with others, often women, touching and even appearing to smell their hair.

The hair-smelling behavior became so well known that left-leaning host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah, did a skit on it in 2019.

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Noah said at the time, “I mean, smelling hair is always weird. I don’t care who it is—even if you’re in a relationship, if you smell your girlfriend’s hair, she won’t say anything but in her head she’ll be like, ‘Is he a serial killer?’”

“Honestly, smelling hair is one of the creepiest things you can do,” Noah added. “It’s on the list of creepy things; it’s right after collecting doll parts and sneezing with your eyes open.”



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