Local Government Said No to Same-Sex Marriage, What Happened Next Is AMAZING!

A massive crowd of patriots (estimated in the thousands) took over the Capitol lawn in Frankfort, Kentucky last week to show their support for three Kentucky county clerks who are standing strong for their faith. They are refusing to issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples despite the recent SCOTUS ruling.


Supporters poured in from miles away, many traveling from other states just to stand with the brave clerks and show their gratitude. Conservative advocates, families, church groups, lawmakers, local government officials and many more stood side-by-side vowing to defend the clerks that have declined to issue the licenses on religious grounds.


One such clerk in attendance was Kim Davis of Rowan County. Tearfully, Davis spoke to the enormous crowd stating that the clerks will “continue to stand firm in what we believe” and that “God is alive, and he is on the throne.”

These three women have decided to stand up for their principles and you would hope our elected officials would do the same thing but we rarely ever see it. It’s refreshing to see patriots also stand with them to show they are not by themselves.


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Casey County Clerk Casey Davis vowed that he is not ready to quit office and called on supporters to fight at the ballot box.

“I believe that there is enough power and voice in these people right here that we can put God back in government where he belongs,” he said. “Some people would argue about the separation of church and state. … When did our state need more church in it than it does today?”

Both clerks, who are unrelated, have denied licenses to all couples since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in June that same-gender partners have a fundamental right to marry. Whitley County Clerk Kay Schwartz has adopted a similar stance.

A federal judge has issued an injunction against Kim Davis, ruling that clerks are only asked to verify that information on the license is correct, not approve the marriages on religious grounds. The judge wrote that Davis’ religious beliefs have no bearing on the task, but Davis is appealing the decision.

Kent Ostrander, head of The Family Foundation, said that the rally was not intended to bash the Supreme Court or spread anti-gay messages, but rather to uphold the First Amendment and freedom of conscience.

“We are not perfect, but we are a light to the nations, and our light grows dim when we allow the First Amendment to be infringed in any way,” he told the crowd.

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