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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. Elaine says:

    This does not look like the Corrine Brown I have seen on tv. Is she wigless?

  2. Old Henry says:

    Just exactly who do these people think they are?!
    The Clintons??

  3. Ronald says:

    So sad. At one time she was a good congresswoman. One of the first female Blacks from Florida to ever make it to congress. Sad. What next? Perhaps they go after Trump who has done the same thing.

  4. WhiteHawk says:

    18 counts Brown was found guilty of included wire fraud, tax evasion and other crimes stemming from her theft from a Virginia-based charitable foundation. Put her to working hard in prison, food services as dish washer and floor mopes.

  5. evwimena says:

    Been a long time commin’ fo Corrine. Federal business grants
    she obtained for ‘friends’ that quietly failed at their endeavors
    ( not their money, after all), no reckoning with the taxes used.
    Another situation a decade ago, an African businessman asked
    for and received Corrine’s help for some business dealings he
    had in Jacksonville. He received her help, as a friend, and weeks
    later she received a new Mercedes-Benz from him…her daughter
    took position.
    First GRIPE outten’ her mouf’ was “this is a RACIST charge !!!
    Corrine, bless her heart, there are BLACK and WHITE crooks
    caught ever’ day. We ALL waitin’ for them WHITE CROOKS…
    THE CLINTONS to get theirs.

  6. Marsha says:

    WOW, in political office, commits many crimes in federal court, and she gets 5 yrs, for all of it, and only does, 21 months in prison, and it is probably going to be some nice country club prison like Martha Stewart went too. Pathetic…………..

    1. Elaine says:

      Only 21 months! Does she have to repay the money? Crime does pay doesn’t it? Especially if you are a politician.

  7. poppDavid says:

    Trump Foundation next.
    Trump Foundation (TF) spent $25,000 bribing Pam Blondi.

    2011, Palmetto Family meets with Trump to discuss his 2012 Presidential chances, TF gave $10,000 contribution.
    2011, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association supported Trump, TF gave $100,000 contribution next year.
    2013, TF gave $10,000 to The Family Leader group, got a speaker position at Iowa leadership summit.
    2013, The Family Leader gave Trump praise as presidential candidate, TF gave a second $10,000 donation.
    2013, TF donated $50,000 to American Conference Union Foundation, Trump gets to speak at Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C.
    2014, TF donates $100,000 to Citizens United Foundation. Trump gets to be included in their presidential candidates platform in New Hampshire, Iowa, and South Carolina.
    2014, TF donates $6,000 to Economic Club of Washington and got to speak at their Dec. 15 event.

    When the Trump Foundation donates money to get a political connection, that isn’t “charity” it is “self-serving”, and it is illegal.
    Melania spent Foundation money at charity auctions and kept two portraits of Trump and a Tim Tebow helmet. That would be theft.

    1. Marsha says:

      poppDavid, maybe you should be reminded of the Clinton Fondation, and possibly do the research on all the Clinton and Obama, crimes………….

      1. evwimena says:

        Marsha, spot on !!
        All of the $$$ poppDavid referenced is short of the documented
        $ 850,000 Corrine Brown “collected” for underprivileged shildren’s
        scholarships. She DID actually award ONE, for $1,200, though.
        Didn’t sway that judge, did it.

      2. Ronald says:

        Hold on there!. The Clinton Foundation “lies” came from a book long been debunked most parts of it. The Clinton Foundation was set up to help the poor and tragedies around the world. The foundation over the years have help millions.

        The Trump Foundation was set up for Trump to benefit himself. Well here, see for urself.



    2. evwimena says:

      Wait a second. The tentacles of the CLINTON FOUNDATION
      were in line long before PRESIDENT TRUMP was elected.
      President Trump in 2020 gonna’ leave a lot of snowflakes in tears.

  8. Brian says:

    Can we lock up Hagatha Clinton next and for about ten times as long? Fifty years minimum and no time off for any kind of behavior sounds about right. I remember her being fired during Watergate as a 27 year old and her boss then calling her a pathological liar. Too bad the country never learned to distinguish TRUTH when one who knew hit them directly in the face with it! At least , THIS is a step in the right direction for doing what is more needed than anything else in this country; THE DRAINING OF THE FERAL SWAMP WE CALL WASHINGTON,D.C. and the Congressional criminals being sent to the prisons they so richly DESERVE to inhabit for as long as the severity of their convictions deem to be appropriate; and in FULL COMPLIANCE for a change, with Constitutional penalties for failure to comply with long existing but equally long IGNORED laws by them. Merry Christmas to ALL, indeed! YIPPEEEEEE! Trump’s Travel ban was upheld by a 7-2 decision of the SJC and I bet my wife that the two dissenting justices were Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, I was utterly correct about that , TOO! Been a good day for this honorably serving, thoroughly disgusted, disabled Vietnam veteran. We haven’t had many since the end of THAT war. Here’s hoping Trump can live long enough to Restore the Republic: but if he does, it will NOT be because of the democrats or the RINOS trying to remove him since BEFORE he was even elected. Lousy losers, ALL OF THEM!

  9. Larry says:

    Good judge, I was afraid she’d get a couple of slaps on the wrist & probation. At least the FBI did something right in this case too, and got plenty of evidence against the witch. Now how about locking up the Hag Hillary?

  10. Mr&MrsF says:

    This should make it even easier to send hillary to prison. Ya think?

  11. Eileen says:

    Hillary and Bill did the same thing on a much grander scale and are free to lie, cheat and steal for another decade. They pat themselves on the back for their charitable foundation but they only give 5 to 7 percent of what they take in. There started it to launder money from foreign entities. They give to the foundation and then laundered that money to her campaign. Haiti just called and they’re still waiting for the money Americans donated to rebuild their country. They gave children’s new bikes yet they have no roads to ride them on or running water. The Clinton’s have always had screwed up priorities. The bikes are nothing compared to having running drinkable water. The Red Cross was no better. They received a half a billion dollars to rebuild homes on Haiti and as of this date only 6 homes were built.

  12. Art says:

    Not enough time in prison for this!
    Now it is time for the FBI to investigate the Clinton Foundation.

  13. Harrison says:

    While I ardently believe mercy must be part of the law and sentencing, I also think in this case 21 months of prison time is not enough either “as” punishment or “for” punishment regarding this kind and level of crime. Wiley should have received at least what Congresswoman Brown got–5 years at the very minimum. This crime was not a error or a mishap. It was an intentional act of self-serving criminal behavior that deprived others of both their goodness and need.

    1. evwimena says:

      Right you are. She’s had a rubber stamp on her re-elections for
      years. Gerrymandering her district guaranteed her black votes.
      I guess she found it somewhat “constrained” to live on $ 187,000
      yearly, plus perks, plus her ‘anonymous’ office employee’s salary
      she split with Ronnie.
      A couple of storms ago, her waterfront home was in danger of flooding. She called Jax. Public Works and had city employees
      pack and deliver free sandbags, to protest her property !
      The media found out, and she said that she WAS going to pay
      for them….slipped her mind…

  14. Rich says:

    Hopefully, she will be saving a few bunks and extra orange jump suits for “the witch” and others in her Coven. 🙂

  15. mdic says:

    Talk about a nothingburger of punishment! What a joke! When are these corrupt government officials (i.e. Hillary, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, Lynch, Rice, Obozo, Abedin, et., etc.) going to get their much needed time in a prison cell?

    1. Cissy says:

      I share the same thoughts. What a spineless sentence, typical for the rich. The justice system squashes the poor, but allows the rich to have a future in spite of crime! This inequality, this heinous justice system must be changed. Let’s put her in solitary, and see if she can remain mentally stable, although it isalready quite obvious that there is no mental stability in a criminal public servant.

  16. Danny says:

    All democrats are evil and need to be in jail like this one she only got couth the other will be soon.

  17. Patriot34287 says:

    Bet we won’t see this on national media….It will be crickets, as usual where the Democrat Propaganda machine is concerned.

  18. Bernie says:

    A Dem actually prosecuted for taking from a charity? Dopey should contacted Hillary right away. Lots of excuses she could have learned.

  19. Dennis says:

    Just another commie pinko getting what she deserves,no sympathy from me,she looks butch so prison is going to be hard for her,the lifer lezzy’s dont share and they kill any competitors.

  20. Davison says:

    Only 5 years in an executive’s prison. She’ll be out in less than 2 years. So much for real punishment.

    1. Charlie says:

      This was a Federal case. You do the crime, you do the time. No getting out on probation.

  21. Paul says:

    Brown…just the tip of the iceberg… The “D” after their name usually means “Dirty”…

  22. William says:


  23. Grizz says:

    WOW. Another resume enhancement for a Democrat.

    1. mdic says:

      Good one! Lol.

  24. Joe says:

    Yet the Clintons funneled millions to their phony charity and they still walk free

  25. June says:

    Brown’s conviction and sentencing must be “serious”- – notice her “fancy wigs” have disappeared!

  26. Chris vhfan says:

    This is what democrats do , Susan Rice is worth 60 million these days , ALL democrats enrich themselves while taking advantage of America’s poor and suffering and then have the gall to say we care about the poor in this country .

    Every single place where democrats are in power has gone from bad to terrible , NOTHING gets better when a democrat is in control , they PURPOSELY keep the people they say they support in poverty for life and the reason is poor people continue to vote democrat .

    It’s all about the vote , why do you think democrats are strictly against Trumps plan to provide America’s poor and suffering with better education and opportunities , it’s because if Trump succeeds the dem’s will lose votes and dem’s consider votes MUCH more important than a person breaking free of poverty and improving their lives .

    Dem’s are evil

    1. mdic says:

      Actually I think Lucifer is a better person than the Demonrat’s. Hahahaha

  27. Send Hillary to the Greybar Motel with her so she won’t be lonely… She can check off a number of boxes: Minority roommate – Check!. Pay for her numerous crimes against the country – Check!. Get off my TV screen forever – Check! Check! and double check!!!

  28. John says:

    If Brown only got 5 years for charity fraud Hillary should have gotten life for her fraudulent Clinton Foundation which promised access to her by foreign powers in exchange for $millions should she have become president.

  29. HOFFHACK says:

    I guess she thought her name was Clinton!!!

  30. Susan says:

    She should consider herself darn lucky. She could have gotten 300 years. I do believe she didn’t get enough. Stealing from children; how low can you go?

    1. Larry says:

      Susan, Please do not ask the question “How low can they go?” Many liberal/progressive/democrats will take this as a personal challenge.

      1. mdic says:

        So true! Lol.

    2. mdic says:

      She got her education from the Hillary Clinton playbook!

  31. Donald says:

    What??? Since when is it illegal for a Democrat to be on the take? In fact, I always thought that they took an oath to take a bribe whenever possible. After all, doesn’r the end justify the means? What is this world coming to when Democrats are dropping like flies just for being immoral and corrupt.

    1. mdic says:

      It’s actually a prerequisite Donald for a Democrat where the majority of us would consider it a crime. Lol.

  32. phillip says:

    Wow, People are so dumb sometimes, You think a billionaire who gives his presidential salry to Charity is Tax evading, Wake the F— up. Now lets really look at Hillary Rodam , She had a charity, It played middle man to Haiti, Haiti received 2 BILLION dollars, from Govt to Haiti, But only 500 mill made it to Haitian people, That is why you ask a Haitian what they think of Clintons, Most will ask you to get out of they’re cab, Hillary made 150K a year, admits she was broke, But now after working in a Govt position for 18 yrs has a net worth of 800 million dollars ???? HUM how did that happen ??? Guess she was a smart investor, Better than any Human ever at buying and trading !!! Because she was not allowed bribes or gratuities !!! RIGHT !!!

  33. pennysmum says:

    “It is incredibly disappointing that an elected official, who took an oath year after year to serve others, would exploit the needs of children and abuse the charitable hearts of constituents to advance her own personal and political agendas, and deliver them with virtually nothing.” Reminds me of Hilliar Clinton who has totally got away with her fake charity which laundered bribe money as well as genuine donations.

  34. Pat says:

    Don’t know what you’re smoking Don, but all of Trumps charity foundations are legal. Now somebody who should be in prison for tax evasion is Al Sharpton. Still owes millions. When the old fart dies his debt will be erased, and us taxpayers will foot the bill !!!

  35. Frank says:

    Just curious Don, how do you know Trump did that also? Mouthing without facts…..

  36. Dave says:

    I was almost sure she would walk. Great day for America.

  37. Don says:

    Hmm, Trump did the same thing with his fake charitable foundation. If Trump didn’t have the Florida AG in his back pocket he would already have been convicted. Still, the statute of limitations has not run out so there is always time to prosecute once he is impeached in early 2018.

    1. Alicia says:

      Wishful thinkingdon… wishful thinking. you suffer from dysentery of the mouth…

    2. Charles says:

      Don Juan, the DACA Dreamer, with a grey matter deficit…

    3. June says:

      Don is, obviously, a faithful follower of the lamestream media propaganda machine, which tells everything BUT the truth and he was brain damaged enough to believe it.

    4. mdic says:

      Don, hope you get over your Trump Derangement Syndrome soon, we’re praying for you bro!

  38. Philip says:

    A democrat using a charity to enrich herself: seems like there is a prominent one that should be prosecuted for that.

  39. Janet says:

    When I saw the headline, I was hoping it was MAXINE WATERS!

    1. mdic says:

      Why Maxipad Waters, Hillary deserves this far worse?

  40. Fran says:

    These corrupt cheating politicians continue to get a light sentence and slap on the wrist. She should pay back every cent she stole besides spending years in prison. These wimp judges must make these people responsible for their horrific actions with severe punishment.

  41. bryan says:

    NOT Enough Jail Time ! This should mean that Killiary and Bill should get LIFE !!

    1. Don says:

      Don’t forget Trump Bryan. He used his fake charitable foundation in Florida to buy support from the current Florida AG. They’re all going down in time.

      1. Donald says:

        Don, Just saying the same thing over and over does not make it true. Provide some facts before you blow off at the mouth. BTW, could you please change your name. I would hate for the world to think that all Dons are idiot democraps.

        1. mdic says:


      2. Susan says:

        Show us the proof, the facts. If not you are listening far too much to the fake news networks.

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