Consider Adopting a Dog Left Behind by Illegal Immigrants at the Border This Christmas

You may want to consider adopting a dog abandoned by illegal immigrants crossing the southern border this Christmas.
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Illegal immigrants are abandoning their dogs after crossing the southern border at an alarming rate, creating what one CEO of a Florida rescue is calling a “huge problem.”

Lauree Simmons, the founder of Big Dog Ranch Rescue (BDRR), recently visited Eagle Pass, Texas, the site of hundreds upon hundreds of illegals pouring over the border on a daily basis.

The BDRR website describes their current focus – “To save canines at the Texas-Mexico border who have been left behind by immigrants attempting to enter into the U.S.”

“It is believed that nearly 50,000 dogs will need rescuing along the Mexico border in the coming year,” they write.

“It’s a huge problem,” Simmons explained to Fox News host Tucker Carlson

“[They were] left to fend for themselves from illegal immigrants that cross the border with their dogs. Then they get on busses and just leave them behind,” she said. “These dogs can’t survive on their own.”

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Biden’s Economy is Also Harming the Dogs

Complicating the problem for the dogs? The Biden economy.

“On an annual basis, nearly 2 million dogs are euthanized in county shelters,” the BDRR states.

“This year, as a result of inflation and the highest owner-surrender rates every recorded in rescue history, it is projected that nearly 10 million dogs will be euthanized this year.”

Looks like President Biden didn’t just abandon his own dog, Major. His policies have caused a crisis for other people’s family pets as well.

Simmons expanded on the heartbreaking decision folks are being forced to make due to the ravaged economy.

“Owner surrenders are up 60% throughout the country because people are having to make the hard choice of whether to feed their families or fill up their car with gas and heat their homes or give up their dog,” she told Carlson.

“They just can’t afford to care for them.”

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What Can You Do? Think About Adopting One of These Dogs

If you’re already thinking about a new family pet for Christmas or shortly after the holidays, you may want to consider adopting one of these abandoned dogs.

The adoption page can be found here.

“We need your help to support these rescue missions at the Texas-Mexico border so that we can keep up with our rescues on a local level, but also across the United States,” the organization states. 

“You can please come adopt one of these dogs, there’s so many that need homes – or donate,” Simmons told Carlson. “Donations keep us going.”

“Go to our website at and help us save more lives.”

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