Congressional Document Reveals Some UFOs Not Man-Made, Represent Serious Threat

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For my regular readers, you know I usually cover news that deals with foreign policy, military issues, woke education nonsense, and the economy. However, from time to time, I enjoy taking a break from what generally is a theme of doom and gloom and diving into the fascinating world of the unknown.

There’s been some recent buzz in the #ufotwitter world around some verbiage discovered in a public document from Congress that, once you dive into it, is pretty mind-blowing. But, unfortunately, like most things in this particular topical sphere, it hasn’t gotten as much airtime as, say, student loan forgiveness or impending nuclear destruction. 

So what had #ufo and #uap trending on Twitter this week? The insinuation that Congress believes some of the objects buzzing our military jets aren’t man-made.

Wait A Minute… What Now?

The document that has alien enthusiasts on high alert is an addendum to the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023. This document lays out the budget for clandestine and other super cool programs, for those unaware.

Within the addendum, hidden in obnoxious Pentagon-speak, is some pretty eyebrow-raising verbiage. First, let’s take a look at the below:

“cross-domain transmedium threats to the United States national security are expanding exponentially.”

I know what you are thinking; what the hell is a cross-domain transmedium threat? According to the Pentagon, a cross-domain transmedium threat is something that can move from water to air to space in ways we don’t understand.

That sounds pretty terrifying but wait; there’s so much more. Later in the addendum to discuss what the new UAP Pentagon Task Force should focus on is this little word salad for us to munch on:

“Temporary nonattributed objects, or those that are positively identified as man-made after analysis, will be passed to appropriate offices and should not be considered under the definition as unidentified aerospace-undersea phenomena.”

Please take a moment to re-read it; I know I had to about four times. What this delicious long sentence essentially says is that the government believes that at least some of these UAPs are not made by man. 

If they aren’t made by man, there aren’t a heck of a lot of other options for who made them.

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Beam Me Up

I don’t know about you, but that’s incredible language for Congress to toss into a document. They had to have known that the UFO enthusiast community would find that and lose it over this sentence.

Perhaps that was the point. A former Ministry of Defense official who studied UFOs for our friends across the pond, Nick Pope, had an interesting tweet lately about the recent willingness of the government to discuss UFOs.

Now that’s my kind of jam; I’m not sure which option I like the best. Probably option c; that sounds like something government spooks would do. 

If you’ve ever dived into the UFO enthusiast world, it can be an exciting and dark place to go. Since covering some of these UAP stories, I’ve followed the #ufotwitter sphere. I can tell you there is quite an exciting dynamic of personalities.

There is also a lot of infighting between various sects of enthusiasts, which I imagine would be helpful to the intelligence community if they wanted to hide something nefarious regarding UAPs. Nothing like a little infighting diversion to keep the masses distracted.

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The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Perhaps the person most targeted on Twitter is Pentagon bad boy Luis Elizondo. Mr. Elizondo was the former head of the Pentagon Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP) for those needing a refresh.

He resigned and filed an Inspector General (IG) complaint regarding his treatment at the Pentagon related to his work on AATIP. He has many admirers within the #ufotwitter sphere, mainly due to his work pushing for disclosure.

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He also has a fair amount of naysayers and a formidable Twitter foe; John Greenewald Jr.

Mr. Greenwald is the owner of The Black Vault and is well known in the community for filing thousands of FOIA requests related to the UAP subject.

Recently Mr. Greenewald released a three-hour video breaking down the IG complaint documents related to Mr. Elizondo’s departure from the Pentagon. I’ll be honest, I don’t have three hours to kill, so I didn’t watch it, but there was an interesting tweet from Mr. Elizondo and someone who appears to be a lawyer; Todd McMurty.

Could it be that Mr. Elizondo plans to fight back against those who claim he is not who he says he is? Maybe, but I think a better question is when is Elizondo going to get a public apology from the Pentagon for treating him like a looney toon UFO nut?

I’m guessing that won’t ever happen because it’s far too juicy and distracting to allow all of us to speculate and argue about it on Twitter instead of focusing on the real goal…disclosure.

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The Bright Side

It can get pretty weird in the #ufotwitter world, and it can also be kind of a bummer. The infighting and snarky quips lose their humor after a while. 

However, I think it is encouraging that so many people are fascinated by the unknown and curious about what is out there. The list of groups and enthusiasts is endless. 

You’ve got your ancient alien theorists who are super fans of one of my favorite shows, “Ancient Aliens.” You’ve got your disclosure and UAP researchers like Jeremy Corbell and Ross Colthart, who drop interesting tweets and video bombs regularly. 

But you also have the world of science getting in on the action. NASA has stood up a program to study UAPs, granted with a pretty meager $100,000 budget, but it’s still something. Likewise, the Galileo Project headed by scientist Avi Loeb and, of course, you got the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) crew who actively track down close encounters.

Even Fox News has gotten in on the UFO action, releasing on their streaming platform “Alien Abductions with Abby Hornacek.” Trust me; it’s worth watching if only to see Ms. Hornacek’s facial expressions throughout the episodes.

The truth is out there. Maybe it’s out there in the night sky. Perhaps it’s hidden in complicated bureaucratic jargon. 

But I don’t think we’ll find it if we bicker about this or that on Twitter. But that’s probably what ‘they’ are counting on. 

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