Pilot Captures Footage Of ‘UFO Fleet’: ‘That Is Some Weird S***’

Pilot Captures Footage Of ‘UFO Fleet’: ‘That Is Some Weird S***’

A video has emerged from November that appears to show a small fleet of a dozen or more crafts flying in formation over the Pacific Ocean.

Reportedly filmed by the pilot of the plane, the video shows lights in the distance that flicker, disappear, reappear. Later, the lights fade above a cloud formation.

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Pilot: ‘That is some weird s***’

The video was reportedly taken by the pilot above the South China Sea.

The video was shot on November 24, and caught plenty of attention online.

You can hear the pilot and co-pilot speaking in the video in the background. Both seem to agree that the formation they were witnessing was something physical and airborne.

“I don’t know what that is,” one man can be heard saying.

The other man said, “That is some weird s***.”

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What Were These Flying Objects?

Skeptics came quick.

The Sun reported, “Others were quick to point out that the lights could be anti-missile flares shot from a warplane. It is possible that jets could be carrying out wargames because the footage was shot in the hotly contested South China Sea.”

“In recent years it has been building artificial islands on which military bases have been built in a bid to take control,” The Sun observed.

Still, these images are definitely some “weird s***.”

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